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No Limit to the Fear

No Limit to the Fear
August 04
18:44 2020

Perthshire, Scotland

I still see shoppers with trolleys waiting for someone to tell them which checkout to use.

If they can’t fathom out that they can choose, there is little hope of them suddenly seeing reality.

The seemingly easy way in which the majority of the British public have been brainwashed by the government propaganda and their lackeys in the media, is really quite disturbing.

One day they are shopping in their local supermarket along with hundreds of others, the next day they are queuing outside, separated from other people by clearly marked two meter distances.

None of them apparently thinking, this is very strange.

People’s shopping habits were changed, and because of the fear instilled by government, they happily accepted something which was completely alien to them.

The government thought that they would be lucky to get 75% compliance to the original house arrest and other anti-democratic measures, but it was very nearly 100%.

This is astonishing, considering how much was suddenly taken away from the public.

But it seems that the threat of imminent horrible death by an invisible killer, made people do exactly what they were told.

So now that this is known, there is no limit to the desperate attempts to replicate this fear. Nothing is off the table.

Murder hornets. Exploding pigs. Hordes of rampaging hamsters in the streets. Anything that gets lurid newspaper headlines is fair game.

Oh, and not forgetting the hell of the imaginary “second wave”. Remember, this was forecast almost before the beginning of the imaginary “first wave”.

Nothing makes sense.

Pubs are open, but if schools are to be opened, pubs will have to be closed. I’ve tried to see where the connection is, but it isn’t obvious.

How on earth did we allow ourselves to get into this kind of tangle of double talk and gobbledygook?

One thing which seems clear, it is that politicians are completely out of their depth and have to idea what they are doing.

Here in Scotland, where men are men and sheep are nervous, we have a few people who like to dress up in “Braveheart” regalia, standing at the “border” between Scotland and the rest of the UK, waving flags and screaming obscenities at drivers heading north.

They say they are trying to stop the spread of the “virus” from the rest of the UK into their pure Brigadoon air.

In fact, what they are doing is distracting drivers and proving once again that they are the only virus which has to be eradicated from our country.

These are the kind of people who do not want anyone in Scotland if they don’t vote for the SNP and would be delighted to be living in a one party state.

This has to be resisted by all democratic means.

Back to Westminster and the latest wheeze dreamt up by the latest bunch of halfwits who currently inhabit 10 Downing Street.

This was the story planted by a tame journalist in a national newspaper over the weekend.

All people in the UK who were over 50 years of age, were to be kept at home under a new house arrest edict.

I said at the time that it was a kite flying exercise to see what the public reaction would be.

Strangely, this didn’t go down very well with anyone, regardless of age. So bad was the reaction, the government had to say that the article was inaccurate. This was code for: Kill the story immediately!

It’s all a bit crazy in the political arena at the moment, with them trying to get people back to work and get the economy going again, and at the same time telling us that a “second wave” more deadly than the first, is imminent.

They can’t have it both ways but don’t seem to see how ridiculous they are making themselves look.

The end result is that people have decided to use their own initiative and intelligence to manage the risk, if in fact it exists, and get on with their lives.

Unfortunately there are still thousands of people who will always want to queue in aisle five.

Hopefully they will become a smaller minority as time passes.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Header photo by cottonbro from Pexels]

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