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Virus Goes Viral

Virus Goes Viral
March 30
12:22 2020

Perthshire, Scotland

There will always be divided opinions over extreme situations like the one facing us at the moment, but I don’t believe that the official line will hold beyond three weeks.

Too many holes are appearing in the story and more people are looking more closely at what we are told.

In every major political or social upheaval, we listen to the advice of “experts” and our leaders.

But the longer the situation goes on, the more likely people will begin to question the official narrative.

We, as humans will always believe what we can see in real life rather than something played by television news media.

If I walk outside and see a giraffe in a tree, I believe what I’m seeing. If I tell someone else that, they will be skeptical. If I saw it on television news or on the internet, I too would be sceptical.

At this time, the majority of people are still believing the government and its experts, but as time goes on, they will wonder why they have no knowledge of anyone they know personally, who has been killed by the virus.

Apparently there is a time, between seven and ten days, in which virus symptoms will take to appear. This makes sense as long as one doesn’t think about it too hard.

How do doctors know when someone was infected?

Any calculations need a starting point, so it has to be possible that if I develop symptoms of the virus beginning tomorrow, surely I could have been infected many weeks ago?

If I’m tested tomorrow and the test is negative, who is to say I won’t be infected the next day?

We all have different responses to all medical conditions, so it has to be almost impossible to gauge how we, as individuals, will react to this infection.

The official symptoms of the virus seem to have changed as time has gone on. Now, this could be due to the virus changing, or it could be that almost any current ailments are being labelled as Covid 19?

This allows the government to keep this state of emergency going almost endlessly. And by the way they are talking, that would appear to be what they are planning.

Back to the lack of personal knowledge of virus related deaths, and the longer people don’t experience this, the less likely they are to believe the official figures.

Are all deaths in the UK, and I’m sticking to the UK for the purposes of this piece, being reported in the figures, or are there parallel figures for deaths from the virus?

Road traffic deaths must be much lower at the moment due to the lockdown. As will deaths in industry and other “normal” circumstances.

Thousands of people die due to old age, with pneumonia being one of the main reasons. Are these being recorded as virus related?

Cancer kills many thousands of people each year. Are they being recorded in different statistics?

People die every day from hundreds of different causes, including seasonal flu. And no one is overly concerned.

In fact this winter, I wasn’t aware of the usual seasonal flu campaign, although I’m sure it did exist.

Maybe it was more low key and advertised in local surgeries.

The public will comply with the authorities up to a point, but when they feel they are being held against their own will and cannot see anything happening which stops them from living their lives, there is no way of stopping them.

This point will come as the three weeks confinement comes to an end, and they hear that this is being extended to three months. Because, if the government can do that, they can keep this going indefinitely.

The public will then stop taking orders, and do what they want.

This risks serious civil disobedience and disorder.

People will only take so much before they turn against their “captors”.

What we are experiencing is a closing down of the industry of the planet, due to something which we are told, will only be fatal to a very small percentage of the population.

The only other way this could be done was if there was a nuclear war. Even so, industry would be kept going until it was permanently crippled by destruction or lack of people to do the work.

Even during the First and Second World Wars, this kind of confinement didn’t take place amongst the general population.

The reason we have been told is that if we stay indoors and self isolate, we are “saving” the NHS.

Now, every year we hear that the NHS is at breaking point due to seasonal flu and “the winter vomiting bug” affecting old people. This year I can’t remember hearing a squeak about that happening.

Where are all the older people who usually come down with seasonal disorders?

Are they now being categorised as dying from the virus?

How do we know the “official” figures are accurate? We don’t know. We have to take the word of politicians. And we know how much we trust them.

Do we know the spread of the age groups being affected?

Are they mostly over 75?

Would they have been likely to have succumbed to the usual seasonal flu?

Can an entire country be manipulated into staying in their own homes for three weeks?

A few weeks ago I would have been very skeptical, but it has happened.

Not only that, but as I said, the whole world has been stopped.

Could several billion people be duped at the same time by, in global terms, a handful of people?

This virus exists.

Absolutely no doubt about that, but has it been used as a massive experiment to see how entire populations can be manipulated?

I will leave it up to you to decide.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo of empty street courtesy of TmBlog; Unsplash Photos]

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