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Vote or Vomit: the Choice is Yours

Vote or Vomit: the Choice is Yours
November 26
09:43 2019

Perthshire, Scotland

Nothing should surprise me as far as politics goes.

But today we find out that there was an award ceremony in Glasgow last night, (21st) at which almost all the awards were won by SNP politicians.

I was completely underwhelmed by this news. After all, the “newspaper” The Glasgow Herald sponsoring this ridiculous and pointless back slapping exercise, is so pro-SNP, it looks as if it is edited by the SNP politburo in a cupboard in Bute House.

To show just how awful this was, “politician of the year” was won by Nicola Sturgeon!

One could not make this shit up!

Back on the UK campaign trail, Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party, has revealed his not a manifesto, manifesto. Twenty pages of no promises or policy, but he at least wants to change the way we vote in general elections and wants to abolish the House of Lords.

So, not all bad news.

It looks like he is targeting Labour constituencies which had a majority to leave the EU in the last referendum.

This could well be a sensible option for his party due to the fact that the MPs who represented these constituents, voted against their views in Parliament.

Time will tell if this is the correct decision for Farage and his Brexit-only party.

There is some kind of political debate going on tonight, so news on this will be added here when the clowns have stopped throwing custard pies at each other.

The news on the election debate on BBC TV last night (22nd) is mixed.

Before I continue, I have to say that this was a debate between the party leaders in Westminster. How Sturgeon managed to weasel her way into it is a mystery which only the BBC can clear up.

Her place should have gone to the SNP leader in Westminster, Ian Blackford. But I expect Sturgeon locked him in a branch of Greggs (bakery) and pointed him at the pie section.

The SNP aren’t a UK wide party anyway. They only have candidates in the 59 Scottish constituencies, so they really had no business to be on the debate in the first place.

It looks like Boris Johnson came out of this in the lead. But given the opposition, that’s not surprising. Jo Swinson (Liberal Democrats) and Jeremy Corbyn were disasters of equal dimensions.

Corbyn was exposed for his wishy washy stance on the Brexit/second referendum issues. He now says he would remain neutral if a second EU referendum takes place.

Neutered is a better description.

This is so utterly pathetic, his slim hopes of winning this election just disappeared like a magician’s assistant with dysentery.

Swinson seems to be unable to open her mouth without putting her feet into it, and she is still trying to say she can be Prime Minister after the election. Talk about delusional.

Tomorrow sees the launch of the Conservative’s election manifesto.

Tomorrow was yesterday and the much awaited Conservative manifesto was launched by Boris Johnson. All the usual pledges on more nurses etcetera but nothing which would scare the horses.

The media are saying that this manifesto is unambitious, but had it promised to pave the streets with gold, and make every person in the UK a millionaire, the media and opposition parties would have been frothing at the mouth and calling it unattainable and false.

But being so far ahead in the polls at the moment, there was no need for the Conservatives to promise the earth and deliver shit.

I suppose it could be called pragmatic.

Today, Boris Johnson is campaigning in the land of Dragons, Wales, so that’s politically ambitious. Wales isn’t really much of a Tory voting area, good luck with trying to woo the Welsh.

Back in the land of fantasy, the Liberal Democrats have now disappeared up their own backsides and their leader, Jo Swinson, now reaching peak hysterical optimism, was last seen skipping down a yellow brick road, followed by several munchkins, singing extracts from the The Sound of Music.

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell seem to be reading from different scripts and forgetting what they said the day before.

Diane Abbot is as confused about policy as she is about her choice of wigs. Long fringe. Short fringe. Self trimmed fringe.

She really isn’t in the right job and along with Corbyn and McDonnell, they are allowing the inept Conservatives to gain greater lead in the polls.

In doing this, Corbyn is making Neil Kinnock look as if he was a political genius when he managed to lose an election to John Major.

In Scotland, the SNP continues to be unshaken and unrepentant by the deaths of children due to contaminated water in its flagship Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. Another rushed completion of a project for the purpose of making Nicola Sturgeon look good, has resulted in a hospital not fit for purpose.

The Health Secretary, Jeane Freeman, refuses to resign or take responsibility for the tragedies of children losing their lives after being successfully treated for cancer.

She will not be sacked by Nicola Sturgeon unless the blame for this gets too close to Sturgeon herself. Then all bets are off.

At the moment, the SNP Cultists are defending both Freeman and Sturgeon, and blaming staff and board members, despite evidence to the contrary.

This is not doing anything for the SNP chances in the up coming election, and it could well cost several SNP MPs to lose their seats, despite this not concerning them directly.

This is down to the SNP leadership wanting control of their Westminster politicians, which makes the public link all their politicians to the hospital scandal.

In an interview on BBC1 last night, Nicola Sturgeon was forensically grilled by Andrew Neil, veteran political journalist, on her and the SNP’s policy failures across the board in Scotland.

Spluttering and stammering, she couldn’t find the answers to the questions and was getting more angry with every minute passing.

By the end of the 30 minutes, she looked as if she would either murder someone or her head might explode.

I get the feeling she will be keeping a lower profile in the next few days.

More on this and other associated and assorted nonsense next week.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo of Nicola Sturgeon, Flying Scotsman, courtesy of Virgin Trains East Coast; Wikimedia Commons]

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