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Political Divide & Failure: Video Game Politics

Political Divide & Failure: Video Game Politics
February 14
16:52 2018

Perthshire, Scotland 

Isn’t it strange how one can see something happening day in and day out, and not understand what is going on.

This is something we all do, but occasionally we stop and think, wait a minute, I see what is happening here.

The worldwide trend at the moment is for division. Setting one set of ideals against another, and seeing communities riven by this process. Family members becoming enemies because someone somewhere has sown the seeds for this malaise.

In the UK we have four countries, which are at the moment divided on different issues but with the same outcome. Literally half of each population being the polar opposite of the other.

This is seen in Scotland as the SNP desire to have independence from the rest of the UK.

In Northern Ireland, the political division is alone sectarian lines, and now the government there is paralysed by political differences which seem insurmountable.

Wales is possibly the least fractious of the four. They have their own Assembly which seems to work well, but there is a strong Nationalist desire to be much more independent from Westminster.

In England, The English Nationalist political parties are against the upsurge in immigrants from Muslim countries.

There is also the rise of a very far left Labour Party raging against Capitalism in general, and the Conservative Party in particular.

And now, thrown into the mix for the whole of the UK to split into two opposing factions, is the In/Out EU warfare.

Apparently having a referendum in which the British people voted to leave the EU, isn’t going to be tolerated by the very tolerant political left. This is typical of this particular group of people. It’s a video game reaction.  Let’s keep voting until we get the result we want.

But, could the result of the EU referendum have been swayed by lying politicians? Well, since all politicians lie, we have to presume this to be true. On the other hand, had the vote gone the other way, would there be the same accusations? They say no, but I’m pretty sure there would have been a similar hue and cry.

The independence referendum in Scotland has had a similar experience. The vote was won by the campaign to stay within the UK. This irked the SNP administration so much, they immediately said there should be another vote.

This was despite Alex Salmond, the party leader at the time of the referendum, saying this would be a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to vote for independence.

Once again,  the video game mentality took over. This is a modern phenomenon, where the people playing video games can reset the game if they lose, and start again. Unlike these games, real life isn’t that simple or even possible.

In the USA, until the advent of Donald Trump, there was a certain calm in the way politics was conducted. The main reason for the calmness was that American politicians did very well out of this cosy arrangement. Mutual back scratching had faux political differences and kept the lobbyist’s money flowing into the pockets of these parasites.

Now, with the mayhem and uncertainty of the Trump administration, these cosy arrangements are not so comfortable.

The public money to cover up sex scandals has dried up as a result of recent revelations.

I’m not particularly interested in the politics of Australia and New Zealand, but it would seem that they are experiencing the same kind of political division as in Europe and the US.

There has always been political division, but now the polarity is complete. Almost as if civil war is possible at any given time in any or all of the countries which are having this problem.

The bigger question is, who stands to gain from this division?

My money would be on arms manufacturing companies.

The world is beginning to realise that wars are kept going, to make money from the sale of weapons. So, if individual countries are prepared to negotiate peace, the obvious direction in which to go, is try to make conditions for civil war in countries where there has been a relatively peaceful democracy for many years.

For one recent instance of countries not wanting war with its neighbours, is North Korea. For months the US government was stoking up aggression against them, but they and South Korea have decided to talk to each other after many years.

One would think that this would be great news for the US and its allies, but their reaction has been anything but happy. They were counting on the North to keep up their missile launches and nuclear tests, but they have been wrong footed by both North and South Korea.

The USA was counting on a continuation of hostilities and now has no good reason to attack the Korean peninsula.

It would appear the ongoing Winter Olympics in the South has allowed the politicians to be able to communicate with each other and hopefully put their differences aside and be a better and more peaceful place.

This leaves the USA looking a wee bit silly and are now pretending to be glad there might be a good chance of reconciliation between the two sides. This is a public relations exercise.

The Trump administration was preparing to strike North Korea and now they’re left with nowhere to go and no one to shoot.

With some luck, people who are in opposing political camps will see why they are being made to fight against their own people.

This agenda is being pushed strongly, so we need to push back even harder, and show unity against false aggression by persons unknown.

There are no coincidences!

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Yes / No header photo courtesy of Ninian Reid, Wikimedia Commons]


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