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Russia Looks To Curry Favor with US Over Edward Snowden

Russia Looks To Curry Favor with US Over Edward Snowden
February 20
10:54 2017


(Blake is DDA’s first intern. He will be covering politics and news for DDA. Please respect his opinions, and be gentle with him as he earns his chops. For reasons of disclosure, it is important to reveal that Blake is unpaid. Currently, he studies political science and social media at Grambler University.)

According to a US intelligence official, Russia is considering handing over the digital troublemaker, Edward Snowden to President Donald Trump and US authorities. The move would be, according to some officials, a way for Russia to “curry favor” with the United States.

The curry spice is as old as the hills. Maybe even older. Its key ingredients have remained stable for some 4000 years — garlic, ginger, and turmeric. Many additional ingredients have been added to what is known as a typical curry dish. There is .8g of protein in one tablespoon of curry, and 2.1g of protein.

Normally, this is the kind of specific information that would have to be cited, but in this case, I believe it’s common knowledge.

Despite this classic eastern flavor and its ability to warm the stomach and mind, using the curry flavor is an odd way to strike up a relationship between two nations with cold hearts toward each other.

Yes, curry is thought to be a pleasant spice, and often goes well with hot peppers, but wouldn’t normally be enough to grant a special relationship between superpowers.

Having a curry dish between two people might very well foster a budding relationship, and might even break the ice, but Russia and the US are beyond these kinds of simple solutions.

Which makes one wonder: how does Edward Snowden fit into this? Does he enjoy curry? How will he be involved in this meal? Is there a curry recipe he knows better than anyone else? Are there enough people in the United States to appreciate that even if it were so?

The questions double and triple as you entertain them. Nobody thinks the US intelligence agencies are ever straightforward in their relation with the general public, leading me to think there is a lot more at stake here between Russia and the United States than a simple curry (even if it’s a complex spice).


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