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Climate Manipulation? Are the Elite Experimenting On Us?

Climate Manipulation? Are the Elite Experimenting On Us?
May 21
09:14 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

Prolonged drought? Massive floods caused by rain unseen in living memory? Weather so cold at times of the year where we used to have spring? Countries brought to their knees by weather “events”, as the media like to call them? The poor being abandoned by their own countries, as the leaders get richer and more corrupt?

This is not just confined to far flung places, but here in the so called Affluent West. These things are not coincidental. These things are completely deliberate, and used to boost the profit and power of individuals, global corporations and a handful of greedy venal countries.

Police_Corruption_Big_ChiefThe corruption, like business, is global, and no opposition can be tolerated. All the talk of anti-corruption legislation is written by the corrupt for the corrupt!

Tax laws written by the same people who give advice on tax avoidance. It’s mindbogglingly unbelievable, but actually true!

We see politicians mouth platitudes about punishing the offenders, but if these politicians are the offenders, punishment is not going to happen.

I remember that years back, cloud “seeding” took place in an attempt to alleviate drought which was killing off crops and killing off stock. At the time, it was unpredictable and not wholly successful, but it did work to a certain extent.

For years I didn’t hear or read anything about this. I presumed it had been abandoned due to it not being very good. Then before the Beijing Olympics I read something about the Chinese government attempting to change the weather over the Beijing area to make sure rain didn’t spoil the opening ceremony. This was a reverse of the earlier experimental cloud seeding.

I imagined that there would be a certain amount of opposition to this meddling with nature, by the media, but as I remember, there was very little said. It struck me as odd because like I said, this was serious tampering with nature.

Think of the possibilities for power and financial gain if a company or, more likely, a government gained the ability to alter the jetstream and change climate for their own advantage. The idea is quite horrifying!

Here in Scotland, we are having the longest most miserable spring since last year. Heating is still being used right now. Even for us, this is exceptional.

Weather forecasting is supposed to be more accurate than ever and for the most part it is. But occasionally, it throws up a complete reversal of what is happening in front of our own eyes! What is going on here?

Are we being experimented with until the climate manipulation is perfected?

There are sinister forces who rely on people to ridicule those who ask awkward questions, and make them look like the unstable ones. The people who are behind this technology are so morally reprehensible, they have no feelings for human emotion or any consequences of their lust for money and power.

I firmly believe that all major countries and the massive global corporations are involved in this deliberate ploy to make the already poor, even more poor, and drag the “middle classes” down to their knees in order to stop any kind of meaningful opposition taking shape.

This may all sound like the rantings of a madman and you might be right,except for the evidence of your own experience  what you see around you!

I see the price of oil drop like a stone, and the price of fuel drop like a feather on a light breeze. Now the price of petrol/gas is steadily moving back up faster than the price of a barrel of oil.

How strange that the usually vociferous tabloids are keeping very quiet on the subject after yelling from the rooftops about oil companies profiteering from high fuel prices. Could they have been told to keep quiet about the subject? I believe they have.

The main reason for the huge drop in the wholesale price of oil was to shed as many jobs as possible. The oil companies had been bitching about overmanning for a couple of years and dropping the oil price gave them the excuse to lay off staff without a thought about the human cost of their actions.

It’s always been about the bottom line. The profit always comes before human suffering. We see this in every walk of life. People are and always have been expendable!

Can this be stopped? I really don’t think so, unless the public begin to open their eyes to what is being done to them right in front of their faces.


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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

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