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Krokodil Flesh Eating Drug A Novel Way To Discuss Population Reduction

Krokodil Flesh Eating Drug A Novel Way To Discuss Population Reduction
October 20
15:05 2013


I’m not alone in the world saying some people need to die. I’m just a lot more discriminatory about who should be left to perish. In fact, I’ve given it a lot of thought. Like the Krokodil, flesh-eating drug users, for example. Anybody who willfully shoots what is known as Krokodil into their bloodstream either wants to die, or is better off dead, anyway.

There are quite a few people who agree with me on the general concept of letting some people die, rather than scrambling to save them, however, those people think 93-95 percent of humanity need to perish, rather than just the handful who shoot paint thinner and Desomorphine into their veins.


Future virus

Of course, many people applaud the notion of depopulation. Some of the most noteworthy are Ted Turner, Bill Gates, and Prince Philip, who wishes he could be reincarnated as a virus with shoes to stomp out a considerable chunk of humanity.

Just watch any good TED talk when the speaker lectures on sustainability, and he/she says, “Well, the fewer of us, the better for the planet.” But who’s going to do the premature dying? If the goal is to whittle the world down to a few hundred million people, you can almost bet you’re not on the list of folks who make it. Yet, what good American would expect to be on the list of people who need to be expunged?

Unlike many Americans who couldn’t care less if untold numbers of people perish overseas from Tomahawk missile strikesdrone attacks, and US military invasions and occupations, I lose sleep over that. Call me sensitive. Blame my soy milk diet unnaturally raising my estrogen levels and causing unnecessary sensitivity toward the plight of others. Yet, if we have to get rid of people, we might as well do it with common sense.

After all, Ted Turner is about sick of seeing all the goddamned poor people using up all the precious resources on earth.

So I recommend a sensible solution to depopulation by starting here in America. The users of such drugs like Krokodil go first. And then after that, people who cook and use methamphetamines. There is no sense in using these drugs. You’re already dead.

And then, after that, people who eat at McDonald’s more than twice a week. Even if that means entire families. Just wipe them out. Their brains are pickled with food preservatives anyway. After that, start chipping away at folks who don’t eat enough fiber, fruits, and vegetables. Humans who don’t know how to eat for basic health and survival are clearly missing the brain cells needed to contribute to society more than half a dozen turds every week.

After that, people who own Hummers should be eradicated. Tortured first, and then terminated. Also, single people who drive SUVs in cities. Then, people who don’t use their blinkers to signal that they are going to be turning. There is no room for that boneheaded irresponsibility on this planet.

And anybody who cannot name the last five United States presidents needs to die, too. Lastly, any human who cries when his or her favorite sports team wins or loses, or weeps over the death of a celebrity. Those people are gone.

With the right few hundred million people removed, the world might turn more smoothly. David Rockefeller can rest easy that the ecosystems will restore and replenish themselves. Traffic will be less frustrating. There’ll be fewer obese people to look at. National medical bills will decrease. And far fewer people will give a flying fuck about irrelevant, meaningless pastimes like sports.

If we have to go further, which we might, then the depopulation agenda should take a twist turn and start nailing folks at the top of the visible pyramid of wealth and power. Warren Buffet. Two bullets to the head. Call it suicide. Then, everybody who works at Goldman Sachs. Incinerated. Then, all executives at Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo.

Larry Summers has to go, too. We can’t have a peaceful world with Lawrence Summers still breathing its air. Also, same thing for Jeffrey Immelt at General Electric. And while we’re at it, every CEO of a major multinational corporation or bank will need to be executed. No exceptions, not when we’re dealing with such a serious problem like overpopulation.

Naturally, all politicians on the federal level cannot stay on earth. They’ll need to be buried. I think Ted Turner will find the general quality of life for humans on this planet will skyrocket after these improvements. There may not be a need to obliterate anybody else. And there’ll still be enough kids left to keep the child sex rings flush for the elite.

If we need to get specific, we can ease the strain on earth by continuing our depopulation agenda by striking down anyone who has ever masturbated to Kim Kardashian, has watched a ‘Royal Family’ event on TV, or has in the last decade praised Ronald Reagan. But those are just personal wishlist items.

Either way, I’m not making this stuff up. Very powerful people are planning our demise. I’d only wish to influence their plans with common sense solutions as I’ve detailed above.

There is a very sinister document called the ‘ECO-92 Earth Charter’ drafted and concocted by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987. It’s a stinker of a declaration that lists the most pressing need for humanity as immediate population reduction.

Says the document:

The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary…

While the document is probably a fake, the underlying principle is not. After all, killing massive amounts of people is good business, and the elite are obsessed with it.

This is probably why there is no punishment for pharmaceutical companies buying up cancer cure patents and shelving them, or why a million dead Iraqis are simply called the ‘cost of doing business’ rather than an unspeakable crime.

There is also a sense of accomplishment when unseen scores of people are killed by your direct actions. This might be why the pharmaceutical giant Bayer was never prosecuted for knowingly selling hemophiliac vaccinations tainted with the AIDs virus to Asian, Latin American, and European countries after the FDA pulled the drug from US shelves after realizing the doses had been corrupted.

It’s old news, but here’s the Scarborough Country interview:

While I am disgusted and outraged by what Bayer did to unsuspecting people around the world, I have noticed a lack of sympathy on my part when it comes to those ‘Krokodil’ drug users. The trend is believed to have begun in Russia, and cases have now surfaced in Chicago and other desperate urban areas in the US. As mentioned above, Krokodil is an inexpensive drug called Desomorphine, which is homemade heroin and codeine mixed with gasoline or paint thinner.

The DEA is quite unsettled by these cases in Chicago, but I don’t know why, considering the overpopulation issue. Krokodil causes gangrene infections only days after it is used. It rots away flesh and destroys the body’s tissues from the inside out. The effect is why it is named after the scaly Crocodile. I wouldn’t be in favor of spending a lot of government money on an anti-Krokodil campaign. It seems self apparent that some highs are not meant to coexist with living in the physical world.

Rather, the government could chip in a little extra money in an attempt to introduce this drug to as many people as possible. If you choose it, you deserve what happens. If you say no, well, we’ll see if you can make it past the McDonald’s, Hummer, and sports worship categories.

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