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President Obama to Honor Michael Hastings Crash Site During Los Angeles Visit

President Obama to Honor Michael Hastings Crash Site During Los Angeles Visit
November 25
15:52 2013


Authorities warned residents of Los Angeles County that many streets would be closed off due to President Barack Obama’s visit Monday night. The president is slated to stay for two days, and make stops along the Westside and Glendale, while surely snarling traffic in unpredictable, but significant ways.

While the president’s route has not been made public, the Los Angeles Police Department issued local traffic advisories for Monday night, and especially Tuesday morning when the president will stop at “Friends” sitcom co-creator Marta Kauffman.

Officials are mostly worried about one of the stops on the president’s schedule that was not meant to be made public, but soon surfaced online, alleging that Obama will be visiting the suspicious crash site of the famed late journalist, Michael Hastings.

Hastings died during the early morning hours of June 19th. The LAPD says there was no foul play, and that Hastings was traveling so fast he lost control and slammed his car into a tree. Despite the LAPD’s unwillingness to investigate the matter, there was no presence of skid marks on the street, and a surveillance video was captured by Mozza Pizza at Melrose and Highland from which experts determined Hastings was traveling around 30-40 miles per hour, rather than the alleged 130 that LAPD officials claim.

According to sources close to the White House, the president has lost considerable sleep over the tragic death of Michael Hastings, and is reportedly quite concerned about the various details of the crash that suggest Hastings’ Mercedes C250 might have been deliberately blown up by rogue elements within one or more of the government’s shadow intelligence groups.

While local news sites like San Diego 6 have been putting pressure on the LAPD to answer questions, like why Hastings’ Mercedes lost its engine and drive train roughly 60 yards behind the crash scene, rather than being propelled forward by the supposed impact the vehicle made when it slammed into the tree on Highland Avenue, there has been little headway in the matter as officials familiar with the accident have remained tight-lipped.

Hastings was notorious for bringing down disgraced Afghanistan general Stanley McChrystal in a tell-all piece in Rolling Stone. The late journalist was also a formidable foe to the CIA, the NSA, and the surveillance society justified by the Obama administration. He can be seen on alternative news sites like the Young Turks talking wildly about the crumbling role of investigative journalists in a country where whistleblowers are heavily punished.

Obama is said to be “looking forward to taking a knee” at the base of the palm tree where Hastings’ car ended up in flames, and honoring the young truth-seeker.

“I can’t say for sure what the president’s itinerary is like, but I do know he is very concerned for the rights of journalists and the freedom of speech in this country,” said a source from the White House.

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