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‘Gunpowder Filled the Air’: Capitol Police Praised in Execution of Mentally Unstable Woman

‘Gunpowder Filled the Air’: Capitol Police Praised in Execution of Mentally Unstable Woman
October 04
17:17 2013

“There were multiple shots fired, and the air was filled with gunpowder.” That was what Berin Szoka told reporters yesterday. No, Congress did not slide into their own Capitol Hill civil war, even though the thought is not completely unattractive to those of us who crave an extra exciting news cycle for the week.

Although, Congress would never fight their own civil war. They’d instead recruit the tens of millions of Americans, young and old, who have been without reliable work for the past five or six years to take up arms and line up in empty lots around the nation and fire at each other.

“Here, you each get a blue shirt,” Dianne Feinstein would say, as she rallied her troops.

“Here’s your red shirts,” John Boehner would say into a megaphone to his legion of bleary-eyed Americans. “You’ll get your meal vouchers every day. Your first paycheck will come in two weeks of active service.”

Alas, there was no civil war. The burnt gunpowder smell tainted the air as a 34 year old Miriam Carey breached a police checkpoint, fled the scene, was surrounded by police, backed into a police car, sped away, and a little later was shot multiple times while her one year old child witnessed it from the backseat.

Let’s hope that child can recover from the traumatic incident. If lucky, the kid’s brain will trap that nightmare in a remote region of the brain, which will create an alternate personality that will only come out at particular times throughout the child’s life. While multiple personality disorder is usually a negative diagnosis, it has worked for many celebrities, such as Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj (or Satan’s latest playgirl).

This is not a time for lightheartedness. I get edgy when police execute a mother in front of her child. I can’t help it. Even if the woman was driving erratically. She was probably nervous. Terrified, even, after she breached the police checkpoint, which caused her to zip around the streets even more frantically.

The job of police, whether on Capitol Hill (or in Barney, North Dakota for that matter) should be, first and foremost, to detain a suspected criminal. Shoot out the tires. Put down strips to stop the speeding car. Anything except to use every unpredictable situation for a shot at more live target practice. Kill the woman, not the baby. Kill the woman, not the baby. That’s good training in action, but it’s an awful reality, and it — police officers opening fire and shooting to kill — happens far too often.  Either way, don’t worry about it. It’ll never happen to you.

But what about the Congresspeople so close by? Weren’t they in danger of a woman zipping around in her car with her infant clapping its tiny hands in the backseat? Aren’t they extra susceptible with their wonky noses to the grindstone working desperately to resolve this guberment shutdown so the American people can feel good about their elected officials once again?

Well, the most enlightened part of my soul says, So what if she mowed down a couple Congresspeople as they strolled along checking their Blackberries? Let them dodge disaster the same way as anybody else in this country. By themselves. With their determination and grit. That’s the American way, after all. And that’s how millions of people are expected to survive in this country. If you still haven’t found a full-time job that pays above poverty level wages, and you’ve used up all your unemployment insurance, tough titty.

At least that’s how Congress and the White House feel about it. The prominent senator from Nevada, sir Harry Reid, made his lack of concern known the other day when a reporter questioned the unethical halting of children’s cancer research funding, due to the shutdown. “If you can help one child, why won’t you do it?” the reporter asked. “Why, why, why would we want to do that?” Reid said.

A car careening between two centers of government might re-strike the fear of the Lord in the hearts of policymakers and corporate sycophants. They are our very well-paid servants, after all, and it seems they’ve forgotten that. So let a few of them bounce off the hood of a speeding car.

Let’s not completely blame the young woman driving the car. Just because police executed her doesn’t mean she deserved it. There may be a perfectly reasonable excuse why she fled the scene. Perhaps her good sense was muddied with fear about the end of receiving much needed assistance from WIC, but couldn’t get it since the government shut down.

WIC stands for Women, Infants, and Children. It is a federally-funded program that supports mothers and children living below the poverty line. There are 8.9 million of them. I know it truly sucks that we have to fund poor women with their fricken’ breast milk and nutrition plans for their children, especially since Iran has not yet been reduced to smoldering rubble and Israel, packed to the gills with nuclear weapons, hasn’t tasted the blood of their mortal enemies.

Although it was announced today that WIC would remain funded throughout October, the news reports were less optimistic about the program yesterday. There’s very little doubt the woman shot by police was in need of WIC’s services as she’d been fired from her job as a dental hygienist.

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