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More Stonewalling: Do Not Give Up On Michael Hastings’ Death

More Stonewalling: Do Not Give Up On Michael Hastings’ Death
August 07
11:00 2013
Los Angeles

I drove down Highland Avenue this evening and once again saw the miniature American flags poking out of the grass around the tree trunk where intrepid journalist Michael Hastings died in a fiery car wreck. It’s absolutely essential we do not forget Hastings, and that we find out what really happened that morning.

Investigative journalist Kim Dvorak has been courageously digging deeper into the mysterious car explosion that killed the Rolling Stone journalist in the early morning hours of June 19. Michael Hastings was driving on Highland Avenue in his new Mercedes-Benz when his automobile turned into a fireball and ended up against a palm tree in the grassy median between the north and southbound lanes.

If you’d like to see that fireball, watch this video. Either Mercedes-Benz makes cars that blow up while driving down the street, or there’s foul play involved:

Dvorak has been keeping us updated on San Diego News Channel 6. Most recently the LAPD returned her requests for information by denying to turn over any information except for the texts of the 9/11 calls from nearby homeowners who’d been awakened during the crash.

The more Dvorak questions authorities on the suspicious explosion and mangled back end of Hastings’ vehicle, the more “stonewalling” she runs into.

“We’re going to go after the Department of Justice, Eric Holder. We’ll be going after CIA, DOD, FBI,” she said. “You name it, they’re all going to be named. We want these questions answered…. If there was no foul play as the LAPD said from the get-go…let the journalists have the report. Let us read what was going on. It’s the quickest way to make it all go away.” Watch the report.

Why Rolling Stone or Buzzfeed aren’t viciously seeking answers from the LAPD and threatening lawsuits against Mercedes-Benz is beyond me. Why they are not frantically trying to determine what’s at the bottom of this is hard to understand. He was their star journalist. Lawsuits and decisive mainstream media action might be the only way to get more information about Hastings’ death into the public sector.

How can we ignore a famous journalist who emailed his families and friends about his biggest story ever concerning the CIA, and just hours after he gets burnt up in a mysterious car accident? The Feds are going to raid my office, he told his friends. I’m being followed, he said. The FBI is investigating me, he told WikiLeaks’ lawyer on Twitter.

If we ignore this, doesn’t that seem like a bad trend? Or an ominous sign for our society?

“Do your cars just blow up while they are being driven down the street?” a high-profile lawyer might ask Mercedes-Benz. “Why of course not, that’s absurd,” the car company’s spokesman will most likely answer. “Well, then what happened in Hastings’ situation?” the lawyer might ask. “After viewing the surveillance video, can you possibly deny that Hastings’ vehicle, a Mercedes-Benz, exploded while traveling along Highland Avenue?”


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