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Zimmerman Protests: Obama Holograms Needed In Multiple Locations

July 17
07:03 2013
Los Angeles

Working the crowd

Throughout the entire George Zimmerman trial, I refrained from weighing on the matter. Frankly, I didn’t think it deserved so much obsessive national attention. The only result we’ve had from unceasing major media coverage is nationwide protests and sporadic violence throughout the nation, amid rising racial tensions.

A few hours after the verdict, I wrote that Zimmerman was “ready to get back out there” again with his gun. This proved prophetic in a way, because law enforcement has, indeed, returned the murder weapon to George. And, as many of us have speculated, he’ll need it. He’s a hated man in this country.

I wrote a second article that declared he would need a convincing wig. I photoshopped an option, although looking back, I could have done a better job. The color is fine, but the cut is all wrong. The bottom line is, George Zimmerman is loathed, and will be for some time, if he can manage to stay alive for some time.

But now, days after the not guilty verdict was broadcast throughout the blaring TVs mounted to the walls of homes throughout America, many innocent people are taking the brunt of the anger over what is being called “no justice for Trayvon Martin”.

White people and Hispanic people are being attacked. Two brothers have been murdered for having a Free Zimmerman bumper sticker on their car. Even though that’s stupid and insensitive, it’s their right to free speech. Murder is not free speech. Zimmerman killed a 17-year old boy, but the rest of us did not, and most of us are incapable of such a crime.

A white jogger was kidnapped and beaten in retaliation for “no justice for Trayvon”. Protesters last night stormed a Walmart on Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles (not far from my residence). They rushed bystanders and attacked people inside. TV cameramen and reporters have been attacked by the same crowd. Cars were swarmed on Crenshaw.

Easing the crowd in the 21st century…

Maybe whoever was behind that Tupac hologram used to dazzle the enchanted crowds at Coachella could borrow the device to the State Department so they could beam a dozen or more Obama holograms into the centers of the nation’s ‘hot spots’ and cool everybody down.

“Look,” the holographic president told the teeming crowd of jeering protesters holding signs calling for Zimmerman’s death, “let’s all be peaceful.” The president then jammed his hands into his holographic pockets and continued, “If I had a son, which I don’t, I can assure you, but had I conceived a male child, he’d look like this young man.”

And beside him, behold a tall teenager in a hoodie, with the hood up.

A convenient sideshow…

Not only are stupid Neanderthal types of people to blame for these actions, but the mainstream media also had a hand in upping the rage with their clipped Zimmerman quotes and their constant coverage of the trial. There are incidences every day that could make all white people, or black people, or Hispanic people, or Asian people appear to be monsters. There are crimes committed that are so heinous and justice is never served.

Yet, as a nation, we latched onto this Zimmerman / Trayvon case, and we ground it into our daily lives as one of the most important events that has ever happened in world history.

I daresay the US government is relieved that two men could demand so much national attention, America hardly has time or energy to care about all the revelations about NSA spying coming out. Or about our president’s supreme right to kill any human on the planet that he and his team deems dangerous to America. Or the drumbeat of war against Iran.

The odds are against all of us down here. The Federal Reserve is propping up the stock market and lending trillions of dollars to multinational corporations and global banks for almost zero interest, yet we charge our students 3.4-8.6 percent interest rates on their loans, which are used to eat and live while paying for an education.

The real unemployment rate is abysmal and there’s very little hope or relief coming. We’re going to get more crime. More racial struggles. More skirmishes between neighborhoods and classes as our economy continues to deteriorate.

We’ve got a reporter famous for telling the truth named Michael Hastings who had his new Mercedes-Benz blown up on Highland Avenue, just as he was emailing his friends and family about how fearful he was for his life, because he had the biggest story of his career. Hastings had been taking on the Obama administration’s insane pursuit of whistle blowers, as well as taking down General Stanley McChrystal (that old bastard), as well as denouncing the ubiquitous spying being done to American citizens by the NSA.

This is our new America, in the clutches of an inescapable technological squeeze. We’re just starting to notice that we’ve woken up inside of a prison, except it’s metal bars and concrete walls are not material, but crafted out of financial manipulation, widespread surveillance systems, and unconstitutional legislation that places anybody who dares speak out against these crimes in immediate danger.

Yes, I’m sad Trayvon Martin was killed. Yes, I think George Zimmerman is guilty of setting up the events that happened that night. But we’d better get it together, those of us down here in the squalor, who struggle to find good-paying jobs and have hope that the values and principles that were supposed to have made America exceptional among the world’s nations have been removed and replaced with tyrannical license for any president or his executive branch to carry out what would have once been criminal activities against its own people.


George Zimmerman ready to get back out there

George Zimmerman will need a wig

Bank of America awards fraudulence; let the old Utah Gentlemen’s firing squad handle it

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