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Why In Connecticut? Why In Yemen?

December 15
22:56 2012

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Our fellow citizens are shouting over whether we should ban all guns, create stricter gun laws, or if we should add more guns to society (and make sure upright citizens have concealed carry permits) — Piers Morgan’s face almost cracked as he exasperatedly shouted at one of his guests who claimed banning guns did not actually make violent crimes decrease.

Who’s right in all of this? I can’t imagine so many children in Newton being murdered in a classroom. It’s unconscionable, yet it happened. But what are we going to do to stop this, in relation to guns? Unless we can  make them actually disappear into the ether, I’ve never heard an intelligent way to get rid of hundreds of millions of firearms in this country.

While we hysterically ask, Why our children? Why did this happen in one of our schools? Why Sandy Hook Elementary?

What we should really do is evaluate our psychiatric drug problem in this nation. And assess our collective psychic stability. We need a mental shift. We need to find our compassion for all peoples of the world, and not just our children within our borders. We need to evaluate, as a society, our elected officials’ foreign policies overseas. Our military’s actions. Our foreign policy is a million times more violent and outrageous than what happened at that school, or that theater in Aurora. Innocent people are destroyed at our hands, and we don’t have time to care.

Very few Americans decried the atrocious attack on a village in Yemen that yielded these results:

…among the victims of the strike were women, children and the elderly. To be exact, fourteen women and twenty-one children were killed. Whether anyone actually active in Al Qaeda was killed remains hotly contested.

How many Americans took to social media sites to denounce the White House’s weapons cache and their intentions in striking other smaller, poorer nations?

The journalist, Jeremy Scahill, wrote the above passage, and he went on television and called the strike in Yemen murder. It wasn’t a battlefield. There shouldn’t have been cruise missiles launched there. Yet a former lieutenant gave Scahill a goofy example of the US Army in World War II killing thousands of innocent French civilians in order to secure an area — “No reasonable person thinks that’s murder,” the former lieutenant said. That seems to be the status quo answer in America. How could anybody possibly call a military strike murder? That, in turn, would mean that the president is a murderer.

I’ll never forget Scahill’s shocked pause. He kind of shook his head and finally said, “It’s murder,” in a tone that reflected the question, Are you joking? (the exchange below starts at 1.53)

Anyway, children are children everywhere. Humans are humans everywhere. Did you see the president shed a tear for his television audience after the strike he called on the village of al Majala wiped out 21 children? I didn’t see that. Instead, the Pentagon and White House covered it up. What kind of bullshit nation do we live in? The journalist in Yemen who first broke this story is still in prison for it.

In conclusion, stricter gun laws aren’t going to keep us safer when we’re a nation of degenerates who cheer the killing of our supposed enemies overseas, no matter what the cost, or how many innocent people get taken down with them. We are feeding the very powerful beast without acknowledging it. We are adding to the ferocious dark energy that manifests itself in the evil actions that take place around the globe every day.

Gun laws won’t help a vicious society that has no problem allowing its leaders to obliterate cities and nations filled with brown people for oil, drugs, or Israel. What kind of human beings are we if we can’t bear the violence in our marketplaces and schools, yet don’t feel unsettled by a massacre in Yemen, done in our names?

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