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Llamas Will Stomp Your Dog To Death: Getting Ready for the End of the World

September 15
23:11 2012

As America declines very rapidly, as the Fed risks rampant inflation to ease the financial despair and national ruin, and Israel continues to pressure the US into helping them try to obliterate Iran and its people, you might consider what life in one, two, or ten years will look like in this country.

You might wonder how JP Morgan Chase is going to navigate their way through the $90 trillion in derivative exposures on their books. Or how Bank of America will do it with $77 trillion. Can you imagine JP’s stock plummeting to zero in an afternoon? Can you imagine rushing to your bank to find it “Closed Until Further Notice”? Can you imagine the outrage you’ll feel when the FDIC doesn’t back up the money you had in there?

You might also feel some trepidation over how exhausted our military is, and what the catastrophe of attacking Iran would look like.

Do you fear ten-dollar a gallon gasoline? Would you shit your pants if Russia or China got involved in a US / Israel war with Iran? Would you trust that they’d be on our side? Even if we muck up the global oil trade and keep forcing Russia and China to use dollars to buy and trade?

Do you have money for your own farm or ranch? Could you get solar panels? Find a natural water source? Grow enough food for you and your family? Would you be able to endure life when the power grid collapses? When fuel is too expensive for most people? Would you own the entire collection of Shakespeare plays in one book? You’ll need something to do with your family for all the late nights and early mornings without electricity.

Even if you get prepared for the collapse of society and the current global meltdown, millions of others will not. They will eventually find your Xanadu and raid it. Will you erect walls to keep out the hungry masses? Will you shoot women and children with your deer rifle as they try to scale your walls? After all, you couldn’t feed everybody. Some people might think they’ve put a starving person out of their misery.

Have you considered buying llamas to guard your perimeters? If you did, would you research llamas enough to know that they’ll stomp your dog to death? Guardian llamas are not as big on self-preservation as we are. They are vicious, fearless animals who are not affected by global financial meltdowns. They have big teeth.

From Off the Grid News:

Llamas are a domesticated animal related to the wild guanacos and vicuñas of South America. Alpacas are another related domestic animal. Alpacas are smaller than llamas and are typically raised for their silky coats. Llamas have traditionally been used in South America as pack animals, similarly to their camel relatives. Wild guanacos and vicuñas are adept at protecting themselves and their offspring from predators. They are much larger and have big teeth. They tend to kick and stomp to run off predators. When penned with livestock, domesticated llamas have the same instinct. They naturally protect the flock from coyotes and dogs.

What impoverished family could get past your guard llamas to pillage the food you’ve stored away for your family? Also, think of the depression that you’ll be facing to watch your beloved country be harvested of its wealth and freedom by the likes of global corporations, banks, wars, and Israel. You might as well get a chuckle out of watching your guardian llamas stomp small animals and beleaguer hungry strangers and drifters.

Get your llamas before they’re sold out! Apocalypse is coming soon.


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