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Man Builds Modern Day Noah’s Ark: Will You Get A Room?

August 06
09:54 2012
Los Angeles

Jonah Huibers, a Dutch millionaire, built an ark according to the measurements found in the book of Genesis. Huibers is afraid Holland will be drastically flooded. He had a vivid dream. Dreams can be important, or not important at all. A diet rich with hot peppers and spices can produce meaningless dreams, but images of the future and of the past 250,000 years can also be delivered. How can you determine if your dream is an important message from On High? It’s hard to tell.

Huibers seems to know. It’ll be his ark that saves humanity, even though the Huibers have said their creation is not a rescue boat, but instead a museum.

But how can we tell for sure? If I built an ark by the exact calculations that Noah used, I too would say it’s just a well-crafted art project. When the real rains came, I wouldn’t have to be swatting people out of the doorway with a baseball bat just to close up the ship and seal it from the inside.

There’s something disturbing about seeing pictures of a modern day Noah’s ark. Apocalyptic. End times. The Eschaton is here. We’re living it. Israel wants to eradicate every last Arab. America can’t imagine any problem with that. And the military has unleashed a devastating new bomb called the Katy Perry. It can obliterate a culture just under three minutes.

‘Obliterate’ is a great word for the destruction a bomb causes. Maybe it’s the fat clunky sound of “ob”, followed by the tighter snap of “lit-er-ate”. Either way, I’m not a linguist. I’m also not Noam Chomsky. The world has no more time nor money for linguists or Chomskys. Those finer aspects of humanity are obsolete under the ruin of our culture and society.

Whoever’s in power — the fascist elite, or the supposed 6000 minions that properly serve less than two dozen royal and supreme global banking families — have concocted a plan to undermine our society by bankrupting our culture. It’s working. I didn’t read that anywhere, it’s obvious just by watching television or listening to the radio.

Our food is loaded with disastrous health time bombs called genetically modified materials, and they’ve been shown to cause cancer and organ failure and other health problems. Our drinking water is cluttered with sex hormones, heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, and dangerous traces of pharmaceutical drugs that are generously prescribed by doctors, who get kickbacks like Caribbean vacations from Big Pharma every time they fill out enough drug orders. We’ve also got radiation puking out of Japan, and blowing across the ocean into the West Coast.

These would be concerns to discuss while rocking and rolling inside Noah’s Ark. Two of every animal would make a stinky, stuffy enclosed environment, but the people would have to make the best of it. They might discuss where humanity went wrong, and why the earth is being flooded. Of course, if you could land a spot in the ark, you might consider the flood a blessing.

Fourteen and a half percent unemployment rate in this country for the past four years, with no real relief in sight. Our nation, and the world, is stuck with trillions of dollars of bankers’ gambling debts. Developing nations are enslaved by the World Bank. The US population is struggling to breathe with the Federal Reserve’s black army boot pressed over its throat. The surveillance state is in place. There will soon be no chance to protest or make meaningful change.

Your money is all digital, online. It can be taken, transferred, or deleted with the click of a button. Even if you hoard your dollar bills in your underwear drawer, they are not worth what they used to be. As the Federal Reserve keeps printing dollar bills ($16 trillion, recently) to bail out global corporations and banks, your money is worth even less.

Was it our fault this happened? Well, yes, because we didn’t pay attention when Glass-Steagal was repealed. We didn’t flog our politicians who took money and were manipulated by investment banks and corporations. If we could get back to publicly whipping our public officials, positive change would at least be a possibility.

On top of all that, we’ve got a never ending war, with an invisible, ubiquitous enemy. We’ve got serious unanswered questions about 9/11, like how World Trade Center 7 fell down at free fall speed, as if it had been wired up and imploded professionally. Who professionally wired that son of a bitch? Demolition crews have said that building fell like it was properly imploded, and to be properly imploded, an expert crew would need weeks to do it. Personally, watching that building fall scares the shit out of me. Something isn’t right in this country. I don’t have the answers, but the questions are many, and major.

Or why the mainstream media reported that the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah building was done by a large explosive implanted inside, and that two other explosives had been removed from inside and defused by officials.

The Timothy McVeigh story came along later, and was told by the FBI. A Ryder truck turned into a bomb parked outside the building. The American Patriot movements to blame. Militias. Right wingers. Nobody remembers the initial coverage that told a much different story. So who planted the bombs inside the building? Why did the FBI officers all call in sick that day? Why don’t we at least remember the contradicting news reports?

Again, I don’t have any answers, but these questions might be intriguing to my comrades riding along in that great dark ark with me. Everyone struggling to keep their stomachs calm. Everybody’s got dysentery. Shit-stained trousers. The men are always masturbating. The animals puking and shitting and snorting. That’s if you can score a room on board. There won’t be any highest bidders, I imagine, as money, on the day the world is completely flooded, will be less important than toilet paper (and it’s almost that way already).

Will people draw straws? Who will Jonah Huibers let onto his craft? A legion of beautiful women? How will he fortify the giant ship for him and his family? He’ll be bum-rushed at the first signs of real trouble. The biggest guns win.

These are not questions and concerns for one mediocre blogger. I’m working up the nerve to phone Mrs Huibers and say, I heard you people built an ark. How do I get a room?

“We did build an ark, and I understand why you’d want to book a room,” she might politely answer me, “but this is not a rescue ship, it’s only a museum.”

Bullshit! I’ll say. You’re just telling people that. You know something we don’t know. Is the end of the world coming soon? Within the next few years? Or months? Israel wants to attack Iran in October or November. What will Russia do? How will China react? Who is running the US military, and why is it not under the will of the American people?

Mrs Huibers wouldn’t respond to these wild words. I would continue:

I just want to get a jump on a room in your ship. If the catastrophic flood is worldwide, what good will credit cards do? You won’t need to charge me. Instead, I’ll assure you, I’m good company. I can play guitar. I can write and tell stories. I have strong hands and can work the worst knots out of anybody’s shoulders. I like to study. I keep my hands to myself, unless I’m needed for massage. I have fecund sperm. If the restoration of humanity is something you Huibers are planning after the waters recede.

I like to plant gardens and throw a football. I can understand math equations, and I have some carpenter skills. I’m fair and honest. Some people say I’m not bad looking. I’ve got good genes. I don’t ask for much. One admitted weakness is that I’m addicted to coffee, but I’m sure you people already thought to stock the ship with necessities.

Mrs Huibers might hang up at that point. Or, she might offer me a ticket. We’re headed into a global superstorm, where fact and fiction become words that carry no more meaning than nostalgic memories from decades long gone.

We’re falling headfirst into what the global bankers are calling the Great Squeeze. The extraction of the world’s wealth into the biggest, most secure coffers. We can’t ignore it, or outrun it. The surveillance system is in place. It will be turned on when the powers that be are ready. I’ve talked to a man who worked for the government installing iris and face scanners in airports, malls, libraries, train stations, and any where else the public gathers.

There will be no escaping, or living off the grid. You will always be watched. There will be no hope of revolution or freedom. You will have to play along, or starve. History will be, once and for all, dictated to you by nannies of the state.

Your will learn to limit your facial expressions. Every smile or grimace will have the possibility of resistance or dissent. You will hear rumors of torturous reeducation camps. Friends and colleagues will disappear from their egg-like apartments and you will never see them again. You will serve and honor your Lord by doing diligently the job you’ve been given.

It’s coming. I’m not an expert, but I listen closely to those who are. Humanity has, largely, asked to be herded like sheep, and we will get our wish. Pray for the flood. Hope you get a room in the ark with the Huibers.


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