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Does the Daily Caller Have a Mentally Challenged Writer On Board?

July 18
10:30 2012
Los Angeles

Think like a gorilla and carry a big stick

There was once written a charming article about the Onion publication hiring a mentally challenged writer in order to get a generous tax break. That writer’s contributions toward humorous fake news articles was minimal, even if his efforts were great. That’s how life goes, sometimes.

The Daily Caller must have a similar situation in their writing offices. DC published a silly little piece about Obama supposedly saying, “You don’t deserve what you’ve earned.” I should make the disclaimer that I do not support Barack Obama, even though I’ll defend his words and ideas in this case. Daily Caller is trying so hard to land a square hit on the momentum of the Obama Campaign, but they are trying too hard, and it’s embarrassing to watch.

I’ve written plenty of screeds against the president for a number of very serious topics. Here are a couple: Of course Don’t Re-Nig 2012 is racist and Obama’s offensive against journalists. But the Daily Caller is so far off on their ‘assessment’ of Mr Obama’s latest speech, they deserve to dry up like a single stock of corn frying under the month long blaze of Nebraska sun.

The tepid, right wing publication Daily Caller, once again, proves it’s about as interesting as an old country drunkard living in the Upper Midwest. A man who drinks beer and eats only thick hamburgers and deep fried food. A couple too many beers, and he starts flapping his gums about Obammer and socialism and how things got to change because the country’s going down the tubes. The old bumpkin soon falls asleep in his greasy recliner, but the next day at the local tavern he tells his aging buddies just how socialist that pig Obama is.

Never mind that Obama isn’t the least bit socialist or communist. If he were, I’d have a modicum of respect for him. Instead, he’s a fascist. His White House is infested with ex-Goldman Sachs officials, and corrupt CEOs like Jeffrey Immelt. The line between government and corporations has forever been blurred.

Obama and his Roanoke speech on Friday, was where he simply said that nobody in America gets rich or wealthy, or becomes successful completely on their own. He didn’t say a person doesn’t deserve what he’s earned. The American society, and all the achievements that have already been made, make a ripe, fecund environment for people to become successful, to become wealthy.

Is that really controversial? Are you going to make a few million dollars in Greece, or Saudi Arabia? It is the billions of hours of labor from the past decades by hardworking Americans that has given us the highly organized and functional society we have today. It is within that system that so many of us can carve out good livings. It still takes hard work, but there is credit to be given to others around us. No man is an island.

For example, Obama said : “The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.” These fools at the Daily Caller want to pin that up as saying Obama thinks people don’t deserve what they earn.

It is that kind of criticism and dialogue that makes criticizing the president toxic and useless. There are hundreds of reasons to throw Obama out of office–Bradley Manning; attack on whistleblowers; predator drone attacks killing civilians in multiple countries; a fascist healthcare bill written by health insurance companies–but that speech wasn’t one of them.

The Daily Caller is another example of capitalism’s mediocrity. To be mainstream, to be widely appreciated, you have to step in line with the established norms and talking points. If you don’t, you are ostracized, cast out. Fortunately, people are flocking to alternative media sites, rather than mainstream media. Americans are finally realizing there are far greater issues to understand than twisting the president’s words into a bland pretzel.


The forced mediocrity of capitalism

The Onion hires mentally challenged writer to receive generous tax break

Tell me again, why should liberals support Barack Obama?

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