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Let’s Not Completely Blame the Troops

May 07
14:00 2012

This is the second movement to a piece called “Why are we still in Afghanistan? Why not?” It’s about Sec of Defense Leon Panetta calling for better conduct among American troops, because they represent the American people. I had such an adverse reaction to his statements that I broke out in painful ugly blisters. This is what I wrote of the old mafioso bastard:

you decrepit leatherskin ninny. You insufferable bag of putrid hot air. You’re not fighting the goddamned War on Terror that keeps troops cycling through three to seven tours in Iraq or Afghanistan. Panetta should be walking with them through the Hell he continues to promote. Even when soldiers beg not to go back, like Robert Bales, you send him back anyway, and pump him full of uppers and relaxers and mind enhancers, and then he goes crazy and murders sixteen or seventeen Afghan civilians. And then Obama says he’s sorry. And Panetta says it’s too bad. Why aren’t you out there in the field with the troops? Why aren’t you eating their food, sleeping in their barracks, and marching through the rugged wasteland with them? You deserve to be shot at just as much as any twenty-five year old you’ve condemned to multiple tours in a foreign land.

I’ve ranted hard against US soldiers pissing on the torn up bodies of Afghan insurgents. I’ve spoken out against posing with their body parts. America is very good at dehumanizing the “other”, whether they are Indians, Africans, Muslims, poor people, we know how to make them into piles of flesh that deserve to be riddled with bullet holes, or poisoned, or have their skin melted off in napalm fire. I hate with a passion anybody who maims or kills another human being or animal, but Leon Panetta has no right to speak out against his own troops as if it’s not his own misguided notion of the war that’s the cause of the insanity.

Obama. Panetta. These people are illegitimate leaders. And Mitt Romney will be no better. He’s stuck on the same side of the same coin that Barack and Panetta and Bush and Clinton grow on like a deadly bacteria. America needs new leaders, new vision, and must free herself from the shackles put on her wrists and ankles by our oppressors and commanders. Our government takes orders from Goldman Sachs and global banking cartels. They do not serve the American people, they serve other agendas, and other powers. It’s time we reclaim the power.

Voting is not enough. We need third parties, like the Green Party, and peaceful, sensible candidates with solutions, like Roseanne Barr. We need our troops to say no to more combat, and refuse to take orders from a commander-in-chief who doesn’t get congressional approval first before sending them overseas. We need to demand jail time for all perpetrators of the great financial meltdown that is crushing America and Europe.

We need to unplug ourselves from the Matrix, as Paul Craig Roberts keeps reminding us. This constant war on Terror (which is something that can’t even be adequately defined or contained or defeated or properly understood) keeps the American people on the suspicious list, and has dissolved our Constitutional rights, just as the Drug War did. We’ve lost our country, but incrementally, rather than overnight, so those of us who are still sleeping go through the motions and think it’s normal for our president to say he’ll indefinitely detain US citizens if he wants to.

We’ve got to wake up. Nobody has all the answers, but everybody should be able to condemn the loss of our liberty and control over our elected officials. Our Leon Panettas, George Bush Jrs, and Barack Obamas are decadent hacks on power trips. They have unlimited cash and immunity. That has to end. America is a sleeping giant. She can crush any corruption and overturn any tyranny, but she has to collectively recognize and act as One, or she will continue to lose her strength and fall victim to a foreign host feeding off her vitality and might.

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