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Why Kony 2012 Is "Bullshit"

March 12
15:00 2012
Los Angeles

To your politically apathetic friends and liberal anti-war friends, you might say: before you change your profile picture to something “Kony 2012”, and Tweet about how you’re going to do something to get this villainous character, you should probably get the facts (paraphrased from video above).
The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, is guilty of genocide and incarcerating over 2 million people in concentration camps, yet the Kony 2012 people, and the US anti-war crowd would rather start a war by sending in US military to side with Museveni in order to hunt down a man believed to have died five years ago.
Getting rid of horrible people like Joseph Kony might be a worthwhile cause, but advocating more war and invasion by the US military for humanitarian reasons is not. Hunting down one man in the extremely complicated continent of Africa, and trying to understand the geopolitical complexities of that quagmire is extremely irresponsible, not only for the American people’s blood and treasure, but to the Ugandans and peoples of the African nations.
Black Star News sums up nicely the absolute farce of this Kony 2012 viral video and movement:

It’s a classic as propaganda pieces come. The short but overwhelmingly powerful film uses all the best tear-jerk techniques. In the end, the film denounces Joseph Kony, the leader of the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army, while giving the impression that Museveni’s dictatorship and his brutal military, which was found liable for war crimes in Democratic Republic of Congo by the International Court of Justice, has nothing to do with the atrocities committed against children in Uganda. It also doesn’t inform viewers that Museveni abducted thousands of child soldiers to win his insurgency in Uganda in 1986, launching the pattern of child soldier recruitment all over Africa.

We intervened in Libya’s civil war, and some 40,000 civilians were killed while our UN/NATO-backed, US-led military carried out surgical strikes.
All that the creators of Kony 2012 have managed to do is turn a lot of anti-war, left-leaning Americans into fist-pumping, Facebook-promoting supporters of more US war and invasion of sovereign territories, when instead they should be focused on stopping President Obama’s defiance of the US Constitution while intervening in the Libyan conflict, and as his Secretary of Defense talks about getting involved in the Syrian civil war, all without congressional approval.

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