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Conflicting Evidence out of Syria

March 06
17:00 2012
Perthshire, Scotland

Credit: FreedomHouse
I was going to write a piece on Syria, but thought there were too many things still happening for a definitive article. We have conflicting “evidence” of atrocities inflicted. There are always what seem to be accurate figures of wounded and dead from the “rebel” side. Nothing is believed from “official” Syrian sources.
There will undoubtedly be outside interference on both sides. No matter the denials, it is going on. We’ve had similar denials way back to Vietnam. Russia and or China on one side. The West, USA, UK, etc on the other.  Same thing, with a few wrinkles, will be happening in Syria and elsewhere in the region. 

We hear of “drones” in the sky over the areas of fighting. An unnamed “witness” told us “the drone is Russian or Iranian.” Now, how could anyone on the ground tell which country a remotely controlled drone came? 

For one thing, these sinister unmanned aerial newcomers to secret surveillance are unmarked! They have to be. The word secret is the clue! As for these UAVs being Iranian, they can’t even put a nuclear bomb together, never mind spy drones. The media must think we are all as gullible as hungry monkeys!
There is no doubt that people are being killed and maimed. Question is, Who is doing this? How much is propaganda and how much is true? 

We have heard all the official comments before. If you feel like what you hear is déjà vu, think back to Libya. William Hague, British Foreign Secretary, said he was going to recognise the “rebels” as the new official government of Syria. He said exactly the same thing about Libya. Hillary Clinton parroted what she had said in relation to Libya, applying to Syria.We, the West, will not give any help to the opposition. None. Well, OK, we can give humanitarian aid. But no more than that. Innocent civilians are being slaughtered by government forces. Identical phrases. Identical outcome? Time will tell. The omens aren’t good, if past experience is anything to go by.

There will probably come a time when we will hear cries for intervention of some kind. Air cover will be the first, as in Libya. It will then be, “We have no other option but give military aid to the freedom fighters.”If that doesn’t work, special advisors will be sent to “train the heroic freedom fighters.”

There is a plan to control the Middle East by toppling countries one by one, in the guise of freedom. The leaders of these countries were, a short time ago held up by the west as progressive, and had civilised societies. There was no mention of poor human rights issues. Now, these men are demonised as being evil despots!


I’m continually amazed at the way the public reacts to these situations. Can’t they see that wars like these are manufactured by governments and big businesses. I wonder which companies are rebuilding Libya? Might they be US and European? Wake up. There is a pattern here! Blow the shit out of a country with a reason-able infrastructure, and make them pay, or probably overpay, to have their own country rebuilt!It’s military-capitalism!
Vote Republican. Blow up the world!
PS.  Hello Iran! You are next! 

Michael J Blair is a regular contributor at DDA, and can be reached at:

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