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Establishing the Control Relationship, Stratfor Style

February 27
06:17 2012
Los Angeles
In an email sent from George Friedman, the founder of Stratfor (aka Strategic Forecasting, Inc.), to an analyst “in the field”, we learn how to correctly manipulate and maintain a valuable source. Through financial, sexual, or psychological means, a person can be controlled and coaxed into revealing his sources of information.
The problem with analysts in the field, writes Friedman, is that they want to discuss the good stuff, the meat of the information, while they should, instead, be focused on establishing a relationship of control over this person who is going to be used as a source of intelligence.
If you like spy novels or thriller movies, here’s your real life correspondence between the real people who glean information for personal power and gain. The whole thing reads like a Philip K Dick stock character might talk.
Says the email, provided by WikiLeaks:

If this is a source you suspect may have value, you have to take control
od [sic] him. Control means financial, sexual or psychological control to the
point where he would reveal his sourcing and be tasked. This is difficult
to do when you are known to be affiliated with an intelligence
organization. The decision on approach would not come from you but from
your handler. This is because you’re position is too close to the source
and your judgment by definition suspect. Each meeting would be planned
between you and your handler and each meeting would have a specific goal
not built around discussing the topic of interest which would ideally be
hidden but in analyzing him personally and moving toward control.
The justification for the op would be specific classes of information and
on gaining control the first step would be determining his access. If he
failed the test contact would be terminated.

the problem of analysts in the field is that they tend to want to discuss
the topic, which raises the targets awareness, rather than focus on
establishing the control relationship.

So from a professional point of view this target knows your affiliation,
understands your interests and you have not established any control which
is defined as a high confidence in his obedience.

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