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Roseanne Barr & Johnny Argent Radio Show: The New Pilot, Headlines, & Common Sense

April 15
20:09 2012
Los Angeles

Roseanne & Johnny in “Roseanne’s Nuts”

Johnny Argent, 4.15.12 (listen live Sundays, at 11am, at
Roseanne Barr, Green Party candidate, running for president (here)


Johnny talked about the new pilot show, Downardly Mobile. A show about working class people struggling with the economy, and barely making it paycheck to paycheck. Johnny wrote a treatment over a year ago, and Roseanne’s been working on it. Twentieth Century Fox is courting it. John Goodman has a place in it, and Argent said it was a lot of fun to see him interact with Roseanne. No guarantees about the show getting on the air, it has to be chosen, selected by the executives, and so on. But there’s a lot of excitement about it. Keep your eyes out for more details.

Argent raced through the headlines. Obama traveled to Columbia, and the world threw its sentiments at the president to regulate or legalize some of the harder drugs, like Cocaine. Our anti-drug preaching, Argent said, is not stopping people from smoking a joint. People have many drinks at the bars and clubs, and then pull away in their cars. Why the hypocrisy? What’s more dangerous?

President Obama is in the pockets of Big Money, and he’s not interested in making the right decision and ending the War on Drugs, but instead he’s there to keep the same power structure in place for the elite. Obama’s smoked a couple of joints in his lifetime, and think of the heavy drugs GW Bush Jr has enjoyed.

Prisoners can get drugs behind bars. Let’s be real, the War on Drugs is not a real solution to ending drug use, but continuing to clamp down on drugs creates gangs and crime, the black market, and desperate users doing whatever it takes to get their fix, including robbery, burglary, and murder.

Everything is connected to everything else, Argent said. It’s deep, and it’s true. Look at the hypocrisy of Rush Limbaugh, illegally overusing Oxycontin, and yet shouting over the radio how awful drug dealers are.

Argent reminds us how burgeoning South America is, and how it’s important for us to learn about that part of the world, because they’re big players in the game. And what about the prostitute scandal with the Secret Service in Columbia? Why is our nation so hypocritical? We think it’s OK to use unmanned little planes (predator drones) to shoot people, and we know for a fact they’ve killed many innocent people, yet the media focuses on the Secret Service partying with prostitutes.

North Korea’s failed rocket launch pissed off the United States, so we have officially cut off their food aid. Like the few elites in that country are going to be affected by that, Argent expressed, but of course, it will be the innocent citizens in that country who will ultimately suffer.

There’s no reason to fear Iran. America has that country ringed with military bases, and the media hype that we need to fear Iran is a fake issue. No reason to lose sleep at night over that, Argent reminded us. Look for the truth behind this stuff. Follow the money, take a look at politics, and decide who’s pulling the strings.

The world could be a pretty awesome place, Argent said. We have the technology to bring water to all the world’s people, so they don’t have to walk many miles to get to a well. What about the guy sleeping in his car because desperate people overseas agreed to do his job for far lesser wage, and the employer says he doesn’t care if you starve or have to live in your car, as long as he can further please his stockholders, or increase his own wealth and capital.


Don’t be a pessimist. Word’s getting out that the jazz about spreading freedom is bunk. We’ve got more prisoners in this country per capita than any other industrialized country. We put people in iron cages for smoking a strange plant they grow. We spend more money keeping those people in prison than it would be to put them in an apartment, or send them to college.

But people are talking. People are questioning. The times are a-changin, we hope. People are wising up. We can’t get so busy that we forget to keep tabs on our government, and what they’re up to. Talk about the issues. Are we getting conned?

Argent responded to people criticizing him for being “down” and reporting on unhappy issues all the time, but if you have a brain and a heart, Argent says, we’re in a very real crisis. He reminded us to be positive that George Zimmerman was arrested for shooting Trayvon Martin, and he will be put on trial for his actions. This won’t just be business as usual.

This is proof that we can make changes in this world, and make things happen. Talking (spreading information) is what runs things, makes changes. Obama talked better than McCain, and he became president. Talking is powerful, and so is listening to other people.

Johnny gets tired of talking about the 1 percent all the time. It’s not one percent, he said, because that would mean 3 million people in American yanking the big heavy chains yanking us along. It’s probably under one hundred elite people. There aren’t many of them keeping us suppressed, and keeping our system in despair.

Let’s take back the real estate between our ears, Argent said. See the world with some common sense. You don’t need a political science degree, or deeply understand economics to see how ridiculous our nation is for spending over a trillion dollars in trying to subjugate Iraq, which is a country without an army. Why do we spend that kind of money that way? And why don’t we get upset about it?

Couldn’t the 1400 billionaires in this country take just a few of their thousands of millions of dollars and heal a few of the gaping wounds in our society? Take a good hard look at money, and where it comes from. Money is a tool. A medium of exchange to make things better. But we need to use it that way, to advance us, to evolve into making life for the people better.

Let’s forgive some of this debt. We can cut a lot of debt in this country, and the millionaires and billionaires still wouldn’t be harmed. If we can produce trillions dollars out of thin air for banks around the globe, we could easily feed hungry people.

Slave is a word we don’t use enough in this country. Ninety percent of paint we use, for example, is made in prisons. Our prisoners are used to make products and are paid pennies per hour. This is slave labor, and our corporations are capitalizing on this.

Roseanne called in late in the second hour, and Johnny asked her about our modern day, industrialized slavery. Roseanne said a slave is defined as someone who is unpaid, or works for the benefit of their boss or  owner, and not for themselves. This is coming to America, because it’s what we’ve unleashed around the world. We weren’t upset when it was happening overseas, but now that it’s here in our country, we’re all frazzled.

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