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A Letter from Jordan, Pt 1: Each Human Is A Vast Bundle of Potential Meanings

February 06
02:24 2012
Austin Wayne Luebke
Foreign Correspondent,
Amman, Jordan

I received a letter from Austin a couple of days ago. I’d like to share it here:

Greetings. I have been wondering how you were getting into the Roiscrucians and the Illuminati while being occupied with school and a female partner. I need to expand my horizons a bit. All I study is grammar these days.

Though, considering that I just took some heavy linguistic philosophy that was inserted into a basic grammar text by a big scholar and a big sufi, Imam Birgawi. You would love this stuff. The scholars and sufis lived their lives based on the idea that everything in physical worlds and even all in existence are meanings. Language, as spoken and written, is just utterances to signify meanings and transfer meanings to other meanings (i.e. humans). In the grammar text specifically,we took that a word, particularly nouns, are a form made of letters in which it has a vast potential of meanings that are only made manifest when certain impactors, physically or metaphorically, effect the noun.

For example, the word ‘book’ has a vast potential of meanings based on what it means by itself, the words that come before and after it, its place in a sentence, etc. Its full potential of meanings are made manifest when the correct impactors effect it. e.g. ‘The book’, The book is red (an attribute attributed to the book), the book was read, I dropped the book, The book decayed. The point is the word book is a bundle of potential and its meanings are only made manifest when the correct conditions (i.e. combinations of words) bring out those hidden meanings.

Likewise, humans are the exact same as a word like ‘book’ just much greater and more complex. And so each human is a vast bundle of potential meanings and hidden secrets and these meanings only become known by the person being impacted on by other factors. And so the person interacts with people and certain meanings are brought out of him. Imagine each person and all the people he/she interacts with and the surrounding environment as other words in the sentence. And the ‘person’ I am referring to is constantly being shifted and changed, in terms of which meanings are being manifested, by what kinds of words are in the sentences, the person’s position in the sentence i.e. whether the subject, predicate, direct object, doer, etc. and so on. The effects of this concept are far-reaching in application.

Anyway, I think you are probably aware of most of these kinds of things because of your extensive reading and listening to [Terence] McKenna. I think McKenna may have missed the boat by not finding the Sufis since they took this reality of reality as language and lived in it. Beyond that, I just wanted to mention it and make clear what I learned for myself by recapitulating it. I think it is pretty cool these things came up in what I might term an advanced beginner’s grammar manual. The name of the grammar book itself, translated from Arabic, is “The Manifestation of Secrets.” Arabic titles are great.

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