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The American Domino’s Pizza Flag

November 30
21:22 2011
After teaching a trying Composition class early this morning, I took a brisk walk down the street from the college to get a fresh coffee at the local Bristol Farms (see, the Thoroughness of a Good Whore: buying into what’s left of the American Dream). Traffic was steady on the fat Los Angeles highway next to the sidewalk, and I saw a sporty vehicle zipping toward me.

The car, as far as I could tell, was painted to resemble (as best it could) a giant American flag. Oh, that’s nice, I thought, a little razzie jingoism, and it’s not even noon. As the car whizzed past me, I realized the American flag painted onto the car was actually the Domino’s pizza logo covering the vehicle’s streamlined curves.

That’s perfectly fitting, I thought, to mistake the American flag for a Domino’s pizza logo. That’s fitting, and how the empire should end. No telling the difference between the corporate state and our beloved Republic until it has steamrolled you over or driven past you so fast all you’re left with is a red, white, and blue blur.

[There are no solutions offered in this short piece, but if you’d like a solution to the problem implied within this dainty article, pull down your pants while facing away from a mirror and bend over. Take a good hard look between your legs and tell me what you see. If at first nothing is visually apparent, look longer and harder. You’ll see, I promise.]


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