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The Power of Lentils

October 13
00:37 2011

Michael Segers, a dear friend and fellow writer, tells us about lentils:

Lentils are one of the earliest foods that we eat today; there are several references to lentils in the Bible. With their high protein and iron (“one of the best vegetable sources of iron” – source), they are a valuable food for vegetarians, and consequently, lentils are an important part of the diet in India, where many people are vegetarian. Even if you are not vegetarian (and I am not), you can enjoy and benefit from eating lentils.
Scientifically, lentils are not “beans,” but “pulses.” But, I’m no scientist, so I will refer to them as beans in this article. There are several varieties and colors of lentils. I buy the cheapest generic lentils I can find at the grocery story. You can go to a health food store and pay more, if you wish.

Since this blog deals with the down and dirty aspects of America, there is need for a positive angle every one hundred and fifty posts, or so. This is your dietary salvation post. Not only is America’s political system dirty, as it does favors for Wall Street like a high-class harlot, but this country’s diet is filthy nasty.

Very little fiber, too few fresh fruits and vegetables, a lack of whole grains, vitamins, and plant enzymes. To feel better, you must eat better, and incorporating lentils into your dietary lifestyle is a great start.

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