Dear Dirty America


Why Americans Want Islamic Rule

September 25
19:49 2011
Amman, Jordan
Americans want Islamic rule, and do not want to be ruled by the FBI. Its just right now Americans don’t know they want Islamic rule.  And so it is that the FBI crusaders are at it again,

“At the operational level, you have groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaida. Like teeth in a shark, it is irrelevant if you take one group out,” Gawthrop said

Even taking down hostile states like Iran is futile, since “there are still internal forces that will seek to exert Islamic rule again.”

Yes, those power hungry Muslims.  All yearning for the great Ottoman return to power.  It’s probably true.  In fact, I am feeling quite confident that nearly every American citizen would be relieved at a return of the Islamic Caliphate.  A return to the shariah law means the government never touches a single person’s property, income tax is entirely illegal, there is no such thing as listening to people’s private conversations on telephones, torture is totally forbidden, executions or punishments of any kind are not considered unless there is a proper trial (like America was before Obama/Bush), corporations would not be humans, and no one could trade what they don’t own.

File:Islamic Republic of America.svg

That last point listed above is of particular importance.  It means financial derivatives, mortgages, paying debt with debt, selling debt, shorting stocks, shorting future bets on stocks, and extortion through interest of any kind is altogether illegal.  So no one could be duped by credit card companies and banks could never destroy a global economy then run with the proletariat’s money.  There would be no mortgage crisis.

This is, of course, the shariah according to Sunni Orthodoxy.  This is different from the offshoot Shia shariah (Shias mostly inhabit Iran) and utterly different from the Wahhabi extremists propped by the Saudis.  The shariah of Islam has nothing do with forcing women to wear head gear and stay home from school, but instead has EVERYTHING to do with stopping humanity from destroying itself from the forces of greed and power.  Insofar as it is even forbidden to sell natural resources, particularly crude oil, to private investors and corporations.  Oil, and other natural resources, are commanded to be used for the benefit of the people. Can you imagine the implications of that?  I can.  I would be on the beach reading Plato’s dialogues writing not for Dear Dirty America but rather for Dear Delightful America.

Americans love Islam.  Americans love shariah. Americans fear the FBI. They’re just waiting to be told.

Austin Wayne Luebke is a Fulbright Scholar in Amman, Jordan studying Arabic, Logic and the other Islamic Sciences. The opinions of Austin are his alone. They do not represent Fulbright or have anything do with the Fulbright program.  

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