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Occupy Wall Street Needs More Celebrities

September 28
22:18 2011

Hollywood, California
If I’ve said it one thousand times, I’ll say it again. Celebrities make the world go round. Celebrity Gobbler is in full support of Occupy Wall Street, but only because a few of her favorite celebrities have endorsed the movement. I was asked to give a personal take on the growing gathering at Liberty Plaza, so this is it: Occupy Wall Street had better get more celebrities on its side, or it will shrivel and disperse like light fog beneath the just appeared heavy sun.

One article claims that NYPD Captain Anthony Bologna’s shot of pepper spray into the faces of those girls holding signs was what really sparked the nationwide revolution, and without that assault on the protesters, the inspiration and mainstream media coverage beginning to happen wouldn’t be happening. I don’t believe that at all. It’s the celebrities. I can’t write that enough.

Life begins, and life ends with celebrities. Civilizations rise and fall on the whims of celebrities. If you want social change, you’d better get celebrity firepower in your revolutionary arsenal, or else you’re protesting and getting angry as hell for nothing. Or so I’ve always believed.

Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, and Roseanne Barr have all visited or spoke out for the movement happening on Wall Street. It wasn’t until these folks said anything that I became interested. If there were no celebrities involved, I can’t imagine any excuse or good reason to follow these protests.
If I can offer the Occupy Wall Streeters one bit of advice, it would be to reach out to each and every celebrity who’s willing to listen, and ask them to come by, to stop by Liberty Plaza and donate a little time and a few good words to inspire the American (and the world’s) masses.
As we all know, Jesus was the ultimate celebrity. From Heaven he was sent, on Earth he became famous, and then back to Heaven he did return. All celebrities are sent from God, and they are only on this earth to spread positive and joyful light. Just look at Tom Cruise.
Celebrity Gobbler writes about celebrities at Associated Content. During the day, she looks out her window and watches down upon Hollywood. Any celebrity-bashing (such as Ronald Reagan) done on DDA is not condoned, and is harshly condemned by CG. She merely wishes to get her word out there, but other than that, she does not wish to see this blog do well.

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