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The ‘Taxes Are Evil’ Campaign in America like A Sexually Deceptive Ad

August 01
19:16 2011
Credit: Sabine MDTT

LB Woodgate writes about Grover Norquist’s “Taxes Are Evil” campaign, and how it’s comparable to a company deceptively using a well-endowed woman to sell a sleep aid:

Believe it or not, this ad has something in common with Grover Norquist’s assertion that all tax hikes are bad and deficit reduction can only happen from spending cuts.  They both seduce potential advocates or supporters with something they’ve alluded to but has no basis in reality.  To my disappointment the busty lady in the sleep aid ad was not connected to the fantasies she stirred in my mind.  Likewise, the promise that conservatives make when they sign Grover Norquist’s oath to never raise taxes in any way, shape or form and how this will rejuvenate our broken economy is a facade that appeals to capitalist purists and people who haven’t paid much attention to the real world of economics lately.


Norquist, The Tea Party goofs and many otherwise serious conservatives continue to believe that deficits are the sole factor of too much spending and that only deep spending cuts will erase our national debt.  Never mind the fact that during the nineties under Clinton there were taxes increases combined with some measured spending cuts and the economy saw one of its best decades in quite a while.  Now follow that with the spending-only policy in the Bush administration along with deep tax cuts and we go from a federal surplus to a record deficit in less than three years. 


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