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The Female Devendra Banhart

August 16
16:41 2011
Johanna Abzug

I’ve been obsessed with Devendra Banhart since 2004. His warbling voice and good looks intrigued me from the very beginning. His quirkiness and far out lyrical capacity have continued to delight me all of these years later. Even now, when I see Banhart turning into my generation’s ‘Frank Zappa’, I still adore his humor and natural musical ability.

And I think I’ve finally found the Devendra Banhart female version. She teaches at UCLA. I first saw her while watching a clip from the History Channel about Hitler being obsessed with the occult. Her name is Courtenay Raia-Grean. Her facial structure, her eyes, and her hair remind me of Banhart, which is maybe why I instantly liked watching her make points about genocide during the History Channel program.

Raia-Grean was labeled by History Channel as a European Intellectual and Cultural Historian. She’s insightful and a joy to listen to. I’d dare say she stole the show.

I’ve included two videos: one showing Devendra, and the other showing Courtenay Raia-Grean. Please compare and let me know if you too think she is the female Banhart.

Skip to 3:42 to see and hear Courtenay speak.

There may have been more suitable videos to serve my purpose, but this one is too much fun.

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