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Queen of Rage Sets Ames Straw Poll Ablaze

August 13
22:58 2011
Michele Bachmann, the Queen of Rage, has won the Iowa Ames straw poll. There are many awful metaphors floating around to describe her win, and the figurative language mixed with the literal results set a scene of literary incompetence and wordsmith madness — madness and incompetence, these are words that Michele Bachmann keeps tucked into her back pocket. And the word Iowan.”I’m happy to be in Iowa with the Iowans because I’m a fellow Iowan here in Iowa for a very special event in which there’s no greater warmer welcome on Earth than an Iowan welcome!” That’s not a direct quote, but close enough.

There are reports that Bachmann may have received 6000 votes in the straw poll, which means she ‘blew the doors off’ this poll. What has really been proven yet again is that Iowans are bat-shit crazy.

It appears Ron Paul will come in second place. He won’t have blown off the doors on anything, but he will gracefully step past them.

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  1. Michael Segers
    Michael Segers August 13, 23:23

    Now, she’s getting ready to save us from the Renaissance –

    Sometimes, reality is even stranger than this blog.

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