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Listening to Beyonce’s Music Backward

August 27
05:13 2011

Caught in the middle of this twisted political atmosphere, I can’t help but find some kind of solace in music I would least likely listen to. I would never support that Satan-worshiping, gold-heeled Beyonce, but when I listen to her songs in reverse and slowed down by 47 percent, I find a chilling relaxation that I can’t find anywhere else.

Distorted and lonely; a face for transhumanism

Dimitir Parant

Just take a look at this week’s most sensational headlines: Eric Cantor Strangles Supposed Stray Cat, Later Apologizes to Pet Owner; Obama Unveils New UFO Investigation Team; Music Industry Claims It’s Harder to Deal with the Devil than Ever Before; and Bizarre Gaddafi Photo Album Found in Condoleezza Rice’s Home.

This kind of news wracks my nervous system and leaves me curled in a ball on the hardwood floor of my apartment. Until I learned to play Beyonce’s music backward and slowed down by 47 percent. Her ‘pretty’ voice turns nefarious and her Crazy in Love kind of lyrics turn into savage poisonous barbs about penises and sharp teeth. But mostly that’s indecipherable.

I like the music while I continue to get ensnared in our national quagmire. It’s the perfect kind of satisfying punishment.

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