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Huffington Post & the Offensive Capital One Credit Card Advertisement

August 15
22:05 2011
UPDATE [ The Huffington Post website outlay is no longer surrounded by a Capital One advertisement. Thankfully.]Right now the Huffington Post website is bedecked with Capital One advertisement that borders the site. I understand the Huff Post needs to make money, but why so blatantly, unabashedly, and unscrupulously? Capital One’s advertisement is currently offering a quick and easy credit card.

Billy Hathorn

Zero to card in 60 seconds.

Accelerate yourself toward momentary financial happiness, until the hefty interest rate kicks in and you’re trying to pay back that money you didn’t have in the first place to a cutthroat company that wants back every dime plus interest.

And this is on the Huffington Post? The same website that was created by Arianna Huffington, who was the initiator of the Move Your Money campaign? The woman and website that rails against the fraudulent and immoral banking and credit card system currently enslaving the United States of America?

The worst part about Capital One’s ad is how desperately millions of Americans need cash right now. Desperate people will do anything to keep their societal boat afloat a little longer, but then the cold wind blows and those folks cannot afford to pay back all of that interest which they would never have signed up for in the first place had they been thinking properly without the multiple sources of pressure to make ends meet.

I am disgusted to visit Huffington Post right now. Hopefully they change their ad soon.

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