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Dick Cheney’s New Memoir – Most Criminals Are Barred From Making Money Off of Their Crimes

August 25
17:17 2011
Dick Cheney’s memoir “In My Time” will be released Tuesday and the former vice president will no doubt receive accolades and condemnations from folks all over the nation. But even the worst tongue-lashing the American public can give to one of their most reviled politicians in recent history doesn’t come close to what he should be suffering — jail time for the rest of his life.

Illegal spying on thousands of Americans, starting an aggressive war and unfounded war where hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed, and creating a network of black prison sites used to brutally torture those suspected of being enemies of the United States. Instead of being punished for international war crimes, Cheney, like Bush Jr., celebrates a book deal.

Usually, criminals cannot profit off of book deals or movie deals. Charles Manson, for example, has probably generated over a billion dollars for writers, artists, newspaper companies, and film producers, and yet he will never see a dime of that. He does enjoy international fame, but he doesn’t get to be a featured speaker like Dick “Bogeyman” Cheney, destroyer and plunderer of nations.

Glenn Greenwald disembowels the Obama administration and immunity for U.S. war criminals:

The U.S. Government loves to demand that other countries hold their political leaders accountable for serious crimes, dispensing lectures on the imperatives of the rule of law.  Numerous states bar ordinary convicts from profiting from their crimes with books.  David Hicks, an Australian citizen imprisoned without charges for six years at Cheney’s Guantanamo, just had $10,000 seized by the Australian government in revenue from his book about his time in that prison camp on the ground that he is barred from profiting from his uncharged, unproven crimes.
By rather stark contrast, Dick Cheney will prance around the next several weeks in the nation’s largest media venues, engaging in civil, Serious debates about whether he was right to invade other countries, torture, and illegally spy on Americans, and will profit greatly by doing so.  There are many factors accounting for his good fortune, the most important of which are the protective shield of immunity bestowed upon him by the current administration and the more generalized American principle that criminal accountability is only for ordinary citizens and other nations’ (unfriendly) rulers.


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