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Dreams of Freedom

Dreams of Freedom
May 02
17:28 2021


Freedom is different for each and every one of us.

None of us sees life in exactly the same way, although we can agree on many different issues, without stepping on each other’s toes.

Life tends, or tended, to be a series of compromises in order to move towards a common goal.

Unfortunately, since the governments across the world decided that lying to the public was the way to persuade us to change, compromise is no longer an option.

Nothing which has happened has been for the benefit of the public.

Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such overt hatred shown by government to its citizens. They have reached a point where they will literally sacrifice children in order to get what they want.

One might look back to the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia and think it was worse, and in terms of the brutality used in that country, it was worse, but in the UK and elsewhere, there was democracy and long standing law which would not have allowed that to happen.

My opinion, is that what is happening to “Western Civilisation”, is far and away more evil than any other attempt to destroy an entire way of life and turn the clock back.

What we are witnessing is beyond the comprehension of the majority of the public. They cannot imagine the notion that the elected government of their county is trying to rid itself of its own people, and control forever, the lives of those who remain.

I’m still astonished that so many people are still not coming to grips with the reality of their situation. But they have been lied to in such a way as to render them incapable of rational thought.

The government has used applied psychology to make the public think up is down and lies are truth. Those who have been able to see what is happening are appalled by the cruelty shown by politicians against completely innocent people.

Almost every country in the world has been doing and saying the same thing from the beginning of the house arrest last March, and still millions of people think political incompetence by their own government has been the reason for their plight.

Despite facts showing that the injection they are lining up for is completely experimental and will cause serious health issues in many people, and once injected, the substance is in their bodies forever, they are actually boasting about having it done.

This ridiculous pride in being injected with an untested potion is being aided by social media platforms, providing nice wee frames for pictures, showing that they have been jabbed. A veritable badge of stupidity.

Meanwhile, politicians are handing out contracts worth multi-millions to companies owned by cronies, and the public is generally oblivious to the vile corruption and greed by these people.

Thankfully, these deals are being slowly exposed out into the open by the few lawyers who haven’t been paid to stay quiet, the Good Law Project being one such group.

So we have a population being stripped of its liberties and its ability to speak freely. Their jobs are disappearing by the day and small businesses are closing, never to reopen. While at the same time, politicians and their families are sucking up as much money as they can. And yet, many people still think that they will at some point, go “back to normal”.

They will not see the lies being told to them, despite one lie being, “get injected and fly off on holiday”. This was never going to happen, but they are still believing the original lie.

I’m still amazed by this attitude.

On a more positive note, several American states have opened up completely and shown that there is no danger, and let’s be honest, there never was.

Of course the “scientists” who are in the pay of the globalist cabal are desperately trying to claim that these states are deliberately “killing granny”. They are being found out, and they aren’t happy.

Science has been reduced to a joke by the money given to them by the likes of Gates and the WEF.

Lying to people in order to gain more control, is stupid and is going to unravel completely.

Politicians are both stupid and greedy, and lack the ability to see further than the end of their lying Pinocchio noses. They cannot see the large juggernaut of truth heading towards them at 100mph.

Keep the faith and believe that the truth will win.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo courtesy of Pixabay]

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