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Cutting Out Your Hernia with A Butter Knife

August 01
18:32 2011

LA Times reports:

The wife of a schizophrenic man who tried to cut out his hernia with a butter knife says he doesn’t have health insurance or the money to pay for needed surgery.
Maria Demestihas has been shuffling through the halls of Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center recently, pleading desperately with doctors to remove a football-sized hernia protruding from her husband’s stomach, according to the Glendale News-Press.
Nicholas Demestihas attempted last week to cut out the large mass using a butter knife. He then put out a cigarette in the wound.
Emergency crews rushed him to the hospital, where doctors addressed the knife wound, but left the hernia alone.
“The issue is the money because we don’t have insurance,” she said. “If he had insurance, they would do it right away.”

I suspect we will be seeing more and more of this kind of desperate, crazy self-surgery in America as the middle and working class continues to be destroyed and the majority of people cannot or will not be able to afford adequate (or any) health insurance.

Let’s not forget about the North Carolina man who robbed a bank for $1 so he could get into prison and get medical treatment.

If you think I’m being over dramatic about the disintegration of America’s middle class, read what Glenn Greenwald had to say about the debt deal made last night:

The reported deal on the debt ceiling is so completely one-sided — brutal domestic cuts with no tax increases on the rich and the likelihood of serious entitlement cuts in six months with a “Super Congressional” deficit commission — that even Howard Kurtz was able to observe: “If there are $3 trillion in cuts and no tax hikes, Obama will have to explain how it is that the Republicans got 98 pct. of what they wanted,” while Grover Norquist, the Right of the Right on such matters, happily proclaimed: “Sounds like a budget deal with real savings and no tax hikes is a go.”

You gotta catch it on your own, boy! the GOP keeps saying (like Eric Cantor, the two-headed weasel). It’s not the American government’s problem if people are suffering, Washington is there to keep the banks floating, not individual people. 


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