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Al-Shabab Bans Samosas: remember when America almost banned French fries?

July 28
17:44 2011
Sophia Jones reports:

How can a seemingly harmless pastry be un-Islamic? Apparently, it’s the shape. Samosas are fried in a triangular shape, which al-Shabab finds to be strikingly similar to the Christian Holy Trinity. Samosas, known as sambusas in the region, are often enjoyed to break the fast during Ramadan. But now, those caught selling, cooking or eating sambusas could face harsh punishment…

Credit: Zantastik

Remember when that crazy post-911 American society stigmatized French fries to such a degree that people either boycotted restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King (but boy, not for long!) or they instead convinced themselves they were eating Freedom fries?

And anybody who ate fries and called them French were labeled un-American, un-patriotic, and a threat to the nation’s security?

The French weren’t going to help us invade and destroy a nation of 26 million people, so we hated lots of French things, like French’s mustard. These were logical conclusions by logically-minded people in the midst of a logical invasion. This is nothing like banning samosas.

If the world’s leader in eating can be used as an example of stigmatizing food for a political cause, it’s America, and Somalian citizens should be at ease that samosas will eventually be OK to eat. Just like with French fries in America, once the hysterics like Fox News ran out of breath, people forgot the difference between Freedom and French fries, and just enjoyed the dripping, lard-soaked potato sticks for what they were.

If all extremists are the same, Al-Shabab will forget why they hated samosas, and Somalians will live to eat their favorite pastry once again. 


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