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High Atop ‘Mount Krumpit’

DAN RUDY Voltaire, ND A thunderously bountiful Thanksgiving to you all, fellow Dear and Dirties!  It may well be said that I’m most thankful this time of year for the

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Our First Anniversary Since The Tenth [The 9/11 Decade Plus One, and On, Anon…]

2,996 people were dead, to begin with. Dan Rudy, PORTLAND Once more unto the breach, Dear Dirty Americans!  I can’t believe it’s already been a year since last September; my

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Smithsonian Institute Decides to Preserve Limbaugh

Dan Rudy   WASHINGTON DC[i] After months of talks, the Smithsonian Institution has finally come to an agreement with media giant Premiere Networks, which will allow America’s largest museum body

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A Quick Bite

Dan RudyEmbedded in PORTLAND, OR This is precisely what I have against conservative anti-intellectualism. To take a sound, well-intended program (one that supplements the diets of ostensibly underprivileged children) and

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Fourth Estate of Affairs

DAN RUDY Portland Happy Fourth, people. I’m sitting here outside my apartment block, puffing on a black cavendishal briar with

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Clinton to Elmo: You’re Next!

DAN RUDY Portland, Oregon Sesame Street Lahore targeted in latest drone fiasco; Elmo snuffed after daring SEAL raid; Oscar the

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Loveless R’utionaries

Dan Rudy   PORTLAND, OR A new set of signs is appearing all over town, emblazoned with the message Ron

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Barabbas, Patron Saint of May Day (pt II)

Dan Rudy   PORTLAND, OR   …the people only need a target to fire their torpedoes at.  Easier said than

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Virgin Martini (With A Twist of Lemon, Please)

Dan Rudy PORTLAND, OR   In response to last week’s Colombian peccadillos, the US Secret Service has announced a series

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