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A Quick Bite

Dan RudyEmbedded in PORTLAND, OR This is precisely what I have against conservative anti-intellectualism. To take a sound, well-intended program (one that supplements the diets of ostensibly underprivileged children) and

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Clinton to Elmo: You’re Next!

DAN RUDY Portland, Oregon Sesame Street Lahore targeted in latest drone fiasco; Elmo snuffed after daring SEAL raid; Oscar the Grouch pepper-sprayed by police during Occupy Waste Department protest.  

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Cockeyed Cynicism of Mawkish Old Women

My dear friend and fellow writer Dan Rudy, gave me a delicious description of his recent experience at the opera: Madame Butterfly! It was absolutely gorgeous! And yet, at the

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Destroying America ctd

A reader, and also one of my favorite writers (and frequent DDA contributor), comments: And on top of it all, the dastards are finding a way to resurrect the recently cut

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