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North Dakota vs Texas: Who Will Be the First to Shoot Down A Domestic Drone?

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE BISMARCK, ND — After a misleading news article title out of Texas, published at the popular alternative news site, Infowars, about the first spy drones having been shot

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Marring My Clean Slate With A Tin-Can Rental Car

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Barney, North Dakota CAR WRECK SERIES 4: MARRING MY CLEAN SLATE WITH A RENTAL CAR (editor’s note: I was grossly off-topic with the first six paragraphs, but

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Occupy Fargo-Moorhead

Marino Eccher writes: Some are veteran activists; some have never held a protest placard before. Some favor a flat tax; others want to nix the Federal Reserve. Some want to

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North Dakota the Promised Land

North Dakota’s economy is blowing past the American economy like Devin Hester gripping a freshly-punted football. Alana Semuels writes: If people anywhere in the nation should feel good about the

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