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Jeb Bush Greases the 2016 Skids with Illegal Immigration Sentiments

    Jeb Bush Greases the 2016 Skids with Illegal Immigration Sentiments

Not that you should care at all about what Jeb Bush recently said to an audience at his father’s presidential library, but you should know that he’s greasing the skids

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State Trooper Shoots from Helicopter & Kills Two Illegal Immigrants In Pickup

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles Missouri University ladies shooting club, 1934 Here’s a cute story about the Wild West aspect of America. As it’s been written: Two people were killed

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Snoozing Biden Wakes & Saves Obama’s DREAM Act Speech by Picking Off Boisterous Chirping Bird

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE WASHINGTON, DC — Skeptics of the Obama administration are calling Biden’s solution to a seemingly trivial problem a testament to the president’s first three and a half

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