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Can the Government Cancel Our Debts?

One blogger makes a case for it: Jubilee means the forgiveness of debt, but can the principle of Jubilee debt forgiveness be applied to our current economic situation? Yes, it

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Canceling Debt in Times of Crisis

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles Credit: Lotus Head Michael Hudson teaches us: As the practice was privatized by royal collectors of user fees and rents, “divine kingship” protected agrarian debtors. Hammurabi’s laws

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Slaves Indebted to the One Percent?

Thomas Hosmer Shepherd David Graeber explains: Since antiquity the worst-case scenario that everyone felt would lead to total social breakdown was a major debt crisis; ordinary people would become so

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Goldman Sachs Buys White House from Bankrupt America

Dear Dirty Newswire In a hushed deal made in the early morning hours, the White House was officially sold to Goldman Sachs. Word leaked out from an anonymous source who

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Washington’s Debt Crisis: Slouching Toward A Double Dip

Robert Reich writes that Washington is obsessed with the wrong question(s) concerning the country’s debt crisis and offers a figurative

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