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If It’s From, I’ll Sign It: The Target Rape Factory

I’m planning to sign the new petition emailed to me from It’s about a Target rape factory in Jordan. This news about Target does not surprise me, because Target

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Michele Bachmann Newsweek Cover Looks Like Charles Manson on Life Mag

Michele Bachmann with that crazy look in her eyes. And Charles Manson with that same look in his eyes. The only difference is, a person can sometimes have a substantive conversation with

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The Charles Manson Hollywood Star

Small protests are expected, and an even smaller, but harsher band of Manson supporters are rumored to be countering the protest this afternoon at the ceremony. Petitioners have already held

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Hollywood & Highland Riot: About a Charles Manson Star on Walk of Fame?

Did DJ Kaskade’s Tweets start the Hollywood & Highland riot? A new rumor suggests the good deejay is off the hook.Rumors are spreading quickly throughout Los Angeles Thursday morning about

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Dear Dirty America

I’ve written many articles at Associated Content, and I have built up a fierce and intimate audience of writers and

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