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On Job Creation

ERIC CHAET Marx considered the capitalists the vanguard party for humanity, during the period leading up to the Europe-wide failed revolutions of 1848, revolutions by what he saw as the

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Capital’s Exploitation: An Industrial Reserve Army of Mass Human Material

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles One of mankind’s greatest historians and philosophers, Karl Marx, wrote: …if a surplus population of workers is a necessary product of accumulation or of the

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What Should Be the Function of Government Assistance?

The answer, according to the words of Roy Huffman: …to increase the capacity of the resource base to support private enterprise. It cannot be otherwise in a capitalistic economy. Do

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In the Shadow of the Capitalist State

Donald Worster writes about the theory of the capitalist state, and its purpose: Instead, the state has become a Leviathan in whose shadow ordinary men and women live…. In the

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