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Four More Years, Detroit Screams at Obama

Four more years! At the Labor Day rally in Detroit, Obama stepped to the podium and had to repeatedly thank the crowd for their wild cheering and applause. They wouldn’t

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Anybody But Obama 2012! ctd

By Austin Wayne Luebke Amman, Jordan He ain’t worth it. My friend Alexander Cockburn tells you so: There are plenty of Obama loyalists out there. I know leftists who still

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Are You Voting for Obama in 2012? ctd

Anonymous commented: You are nutz. Well, I agree, but unfortunately, I think everyone else is just as nuts as I am. Or worse, they aren’t nutty at all. Nuts are

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Is a Primary Challenge to Obama a Bad Idea? ctd "Anybody but Obama!"

Alexander Cockburn asks if we’re ready to vote for Mitt Romney: In 2013 we could be faced with a Republican majorities in both houses and the prospect of Obama spending

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Obama To Fund Building of 10 New Mosques by 2013 ctd

Ajimazzle comments: I remember when [Hubert] Humdinger made all that fuss regarding the rerouting of resources from northern california to

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Obama To Fund Building of 10 New Mosques by 2013 to Promote Religious Diversity

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE Pete Souza The Obama administration laid out a new plan to fund the building of ten new

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White House Hires Counselor To Help Lawmakers Imagine What Unemployment Feels Like

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIREWASHINGTON–An inside source at the White House announced Thursday evening that President Obama had ordered officials to hire

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