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Bank of America Commits Suicide

Dear Dirty NewswireCHARLOTTE — Police are remaining tight-lipped about the gory suicide of the country’s second largest multinational banking and financial services corporation, Bank of America. The suicide was reported

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The U.S. Taxpayer Owes Bank of America Trillions, Says Fed

Christina Hoag writes: Anti-Wall Street protesters have marched from the Occupy LA encampment at Los Angeles City Hall to a downtown Bank of America branch. About 80 people are taking

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BofA’s Incensed CEO

Jillian Berman writes: Bank of America CEO Bryan Moynihan says the public needs to start thinking before they criticize his company.   “I, like you, get a little incensed when

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Bank of America’s Shit In A Box

The Huffington Post reports: Bank of America Corp, (BAC.N) under fire for everything from improper foreclosures to hiking debit card fees, is fighting back with advertising. The bank is running TV,

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Bank of America to Charge Fee For Debit Card Use

Dear Dirty America. I mean, dear Bank of America customers: You will now be charged $5 per month to use

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