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Open Season on Federal Drones Coming Soon?

    Open Season on Federal Drones Coming Soon?

“You can’t blow up the whole goddamned system! But you can chip away at it with gusto and spark a competition among men who will continue to take cracks at

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Rand Paul’s Grand Sham: Never Mind What I Said Before About Drones

photo by Gage Skidmore The junior knave from Kentucky, Rand Paul, made headlines with his stiff resistance to President Obama’s gratuitous use of predator drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, but

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North Dakota vs Texas: Who Will Be the First to Shoot Down A Domestic Drone?

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE BISMARCK, ND — After a misleading news article title out of Texas, published at the popular alternative news site, Infowars, about the first spy drones having been shot

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Obama’s Got a Kill List, A Kill Committee, & A Convenient Kill Phraseology

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles People just don’t seem to believe that Barack Obama and his crew have a “kill list” for suspected, possible terrorists. The American-born cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki

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