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Report to William Blake

(re-posted from 100 Peculiarly Useful So-Called Poems) Blake, I won’t readyour work againright now—maybe never, ormaybe some timewhen I don’t knowwhat to do. I’m busyconsultingmy imagination:how to redeemmy routines,resistthe normal attackson

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Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase

ERIC CHAET Wisconsin Credit: Financial Times photos (originally published at 100 Peculiarly Useful So-Called Poems) I read about Jamie Dimon with rapt attention. He is single-minded as anyone you might

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Inside Big Bluto’s Sweatshop

DONALD O’DONOVAN Los Angeles(excerpt from O’Donovan’s novel Night Train) This morning Big Bluto announced that we have to recall 4,000 bottles of Clove Capsules infested with E. coli. Or maybe

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Cardboard Villages

DONALD O’DONOVAN Los Angeles Credit: Pineapple XV (originally published in The Contributor, Nashville’s homeless street paper) Los Angeles is a long way from Nashville, I know, but for me LA epitomizes

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I Live Under Your Wallpaper

DONALD O’DONOVAN Los Angeles (excerpt from O’Donovan’s novel Night Train —  see also DDA’s first blogged novel — Orgasmo) I got my big inning with a quality woman in Brentwood, but

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