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Madmen and Manics

Madmen and Manics
October 30
18:13 2021


No one who is behind the greatest con trick ever pulled on humanity will get out of this alive. Their days of mass manipulation are coming to the end of the road.

By using the word “alive”, l don’t mean the will physically die. Their power will die, and they will shrivel up like salted slugs. Without their power and wealth, they are nothing. They are bums on the streets.

Their only talent is making money and making people miserable. They revel in the way they move people around like tiny chess pieces. No one except their golden circle are important to them.

Those politicians who strut around the world making ridiculous promises to save the planet, and of the same importance to the real masters as the rest of us. We are all being used to feather golden nests.

Puffed up politicians will be discarded like germ-filled face masks outside school. They will litter the streets of the world and feel the helplessness of the current homeless. They will feel the fear of being pissed upon while asleep in their cardboard boxes.

Their masters will not be coming to their aid, because they will be stripped of everything they own. Yes, they will have nothing, and be grateful for that. I was going to say, happy, but I don’t want any of them to ever again have a happy thought.

These people thought we were too stupid to figure out what was going on. It was they who were too stupid to underestimate rational thinking decent human beings. They have no idea how much contempt we hold for them. But sooner rather than later, they will.

To deliberately target first the old and infirm and then the mentally and physically handicapped, was so utterly cold and heartless, it made Hitler look like a rank amateur.

Now they have begun to inject small children with their money making potion, without the thought of anything except profit, they are showing that they have no emotion other than vile greed.

They are digging a very deep hole for themselves, which they can’t afford to stop digging. Once they stop, the game will officially be over. As it stands, it will not be up to them to blow the final whistle. We have the power of humanity–hundreds of millions of people who are determined to bury these monsters.

We have right on our side and that isn’t going to change. More and more people are realising what has been done to them, and they want it to end.

The gilded bastards who are pulling the strings are beginning to get desperate. Their confidence, which is born of feeling completely untouchable, is being shaken by the resistance to their evil plans to depopulate by millions and enslave the remainder.

There are many people who are still unable to imagine that what we describe is the reason for the last year and a half of utter misery and turmoil. Most of them will never face the reality, and that is down to the unrelenting global government propaganda. They have terrified whole populations and driven thousands of people to take their own lives.

The tables will be turned on our oppressors and they will feel something they have never felt in their pampered lives. Fear. They will not be able to understand that anyone could disagree with their lunatic plans. That is a delicious prospect.

The politicians show hypocrisy as a matter of course. They have long given up the pretence that they are going through the same hell as everyone else.

The mask wearing by people they see as inferior is like going back to the 18th or 19th century. Slaves and masters being the theme of the party they appear to be having. The hubris is astonishing, with politicians openly admitting that recycling is a pointless exercise and climate change is a giant hoax.

The most astonishing thing is the way most of the public accept these comments and say absolutely nothing. That is how brainwashed and mentally damaged they have been made by propaganda and psychological abuse.

We scream, “Can’t you see this?” But our words are carried away on a wind of willful ignorance. These are the people who will never accept the government isn’t looking after them. We have to abandon them to their fate, as we will only exhaust ourselves trying to change the unchangeable.

Now is the time to show that we are stronger than these ancient wrinkly maniacs. This is the time to stop allowing ourselves to be directed and distracted by the globalists, government, and media.

We have to stop people complying with the insane rules. The “I don’t have to wear a mask because I’m sitting down” bollocks, has to be treated like the ridiculous thing it is. The trolley wipers, who are fewer recently, should be laughed at, because they are a joke.

Any kind of new lockdowns under a new name will be ignored and not tolerated by anyone. Mass noncompliance must be the first step to removing the nanny worshipping old billionaires from their mansions and putting them on the streets to keep the rats company.

People have said they should be jailed, but that’s too good for them. The streets will eat them alive.

The fight for the freedom of the planet begins here.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo by Aksonsat Uanthoeng from Pexels]


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