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Fear is for Sheep

Fear is for Sheep
August 09
12:07 2021


Strangely, I feel no fear.

I certainly feel angry that we are being treated as some kind of insect or perhaps pond scum, to be eradicated by people who aren’t fit to clean my windows.

I’m also curious about when this is going to reach the point where people suddenly realise that they are excess to the requirements of the globalist cabal.

For me, if l’m still around, that will be the moment when all my private thoughts will come together and sadly I will know l was right.

Damn it, I had hoped my wild thoughts would be completely wrong.

The latest insane proclamation from the extremely unpleasant Van Tam, is that they, the people who are advising governments, have a list of children and young people who have serious mental or physical disabilities.

These children have been targeted for injection because they are regarded as vulnerable.

Now so far the injecting of the previous vulnerable group, elderly with serious underlying health issues, didn’t exactly save lives. It seemed to me to have cost more lives than it saved.

Or maybe I’m just being cynical? Or mistaken?

The current government mania for pumping an undertested potion into vulnerable groups of people and especially children, is reminiscent of 1930’s and early 40’s Germany.

If these creatures of the night wish to experiment on children, why not use their own progeny? Or do they regard them as a superior breed to the children of the public?

They certainly appear to think that they have the right to use anyone who isn’t in the same social and financial bracket, in any way they choose. Anyone who isn’t them is looked upon as dross.

So, getting rid of people isn’t a moral issue for these sick individuals. They see it as a duty to protect their own power and money.

Having billions of non-people not contributing to their wealth accumulation is just not to their liking.

The Great Reset has nothing to do with making anyone’s lives better except their own. They have no regard for the law or the thousands of people who they have recruited over the years to get them into the position they are now in.

These recruits believe that they are doing important work for the globalists, and they will be rewarded for their loyalty. They are in for a huge shock.

People have said that this plan has been brought forward for a variety of reasons, none of which are correct. The plan was always going to happen at this time.

The public has been dumbed down to a point where they have been terrified into believing that they are all in mortal danger, but can’t think why the people who have worked throughout the last 18 months have been perfectly well.

I don’t blame these people, because they have had the full force of the government propaganda blasting at them from their television or radio constantly. Their mental state has been altered, but they are completely unaware of this happening.

They, of course, have been afraid of the wrong thing entirely. But they cannot conceive that their government isn’t looking after them.

As I said at the beginning of this piece, they will only realise at the very last minute, and at that time it will be too late.

I also said that I have no fear for any of this personally. I fear for people close to me and their families, who have been lied to and although some of them know that, they still felt they had to be vaxxed because of the pressure from the “medical profession”, and of course the media.

The so called journalists who know exactly what is going on, and have for whatever reason, turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the truth.

The television news presenters and their producers and managers who did the same thing, plus the Westminster politicians who could have stopped this horror before it got beyond the first three weeks, are complicit in the deaths of thousands of people who were very likely avid watchers of news and readers of newspapers.

These older people trusted the government to look after them, but were betrayed by the scum-sucking parasites.

Now we see the government going after disabled children. And still the public nods, and says that it must be for the protection of the children, because the government would never hurt their citizens.

The plan will be allowed to carry on to its inevitable conclusion and the media will still be singing the praises of politicians and their lying so-called experts.

And just when we think it can’t get any crazier, we find that there is now propaganda to stop critical thinking, because it gets in the way of stopping disinformation being spread.

This is a time in history where we, by a simple twist of fate, are front row spectators to the latest Great Reset.

I thought l and recent past generations had been lucky to have missed the horror of world wars, but here we are in what is a turning of logic and common sense upside down, and a third world war, which is likely to kill more people than the first two.

I believe that in facing the reality of the situation, we stand a better chance of getting through to the other side.

We cannot live in fear of the unknown or the known.

We will not live in fear of death. We will simply live.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo by Two Dreamers from Pexels]


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    Paul August 12, 13:10

    Bang on Michael!

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