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Propaganda & the Loss of Trust

Propaganda & the Loss of Trust
June 27
21:00 2020

Perthshire, Scotland

At this point in time, politicians are being asked more questions than ever before.

So why isn’t the media asking the politicians and their so called experts why every piece of advice given is in actual fact the opposite of what stops the virus?

Self-isolation and social distancing has the effect of allowing the virus to stay around instead of going through the population and creating herd immunity.

People need to be out in the sunshine getting vital vitamins to strengthen their immune system.

Being told to self isolate cuts people off from human contact and causes massive depression. But nothing is said by the media on the subject.

One might think that journalists who tore Boris Johnson to shreds over leaving the EU, would be equally angry about the destruction of the UK economy and the overnight removal of our liberties.

But no, they are asking questions so inane, they must surely be embarrassed at their stupidity.

I know that we are three months into a situation which didn’t have to happen, but I haven’t seen any questions related to this worst removal of civil liberties in human history. On something this important, not a word of criticism is heard.

When the Calderwood, Cummings, and Ferguson breaches of the social distancing rules happened, I expected the news media to be telling us that it was obvious that if the people who were breaking the rules, were the people telling us how important these rules were, there was no danger to anyone and we were safe to defy the lunatic government rules.

But once again, nothing happened.

Obviously people like myself were incredulous at the failure of the media to fail to score from this open goal. What was going on?

Was it possible that the very people who are paid to ferret out the “truth”, were in fact being controlled directly by the government? It certainly seems that way.

In Scotland, we’re used to the media ignoring really important issues, because they are owned heart, body, and soul by the SNP administration, but I expected the UK media to maintain their independence from political intervention.

How wrong I was.

We all hear the phrase, conspiracy theory, used on anyone who looks too closely into political scandals, but this current crisis cannot be described as anything other than a gigantic conspiracy, encompassing almost every government on the planet.

There can be no other explanation for what has been done to billions of innocent people who rely on their elected officials to keep them safe and look out for their general well being.

Political trust has been completely obliterated by this horrendous breach of the contract between politicians and the public. This is very very serious.

We have been hearing about a “second wave” of the virus from the start of the house arrest, and the sudden spikes of more cases appearing.

But of course no one with a sliver of critical thinking will believe any of these are anything but government’s manipulation of statistics.

This is the problem with the overconfidence of the people who are involved in the propaganda. They had a plan to keep this going as long as possible and forecast a second wave almost before the first one had happened.

Did they really think no one would notice this ability to see the future? This wasn’t said as a maybe, this was said as a fact.

They have had to change tactics because people, who had more time on their hands than ever before, began to see the flaws in the “pandemic”.

So instead of closing the economy until October, they have had no option but to try to open the country back up earlier. Unfortunately for them, their own propaganda has made some people so afraid, they are saying that they will not come back out unless they are vaccinated. This is truly unforgivable.

The recent BLM protests have proved that social distancing was utter garbage, and proved to the public that some mass gatherings were obviously quite safe or very dangerous, depending on the subject being protested.

The insanity of the virus circus is now being played out with England opening it’s economy more quickly than the devolved assemblies of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

This was flagged as madness by many of us from the beginning. Because especially in Scotland under the SNP, the extra powers given to them would allow petty political games to be played by the First Dictator.

This has proved to be true and now Scotland is weeks behind the rest of the UK in getting the economy moving and people back to their old routines. We are effectively being held hostage by the evil little Troll in Bute House.

In a future piece I will focus solely on the SNP failures, lies, and deliberate destruction of lives and businesses.

For the moment I’m concerned about the abject failure of the UK news media to pin down the lies of the Johnson government.

The loss of trust isn’t just with politicians, but also British news media. Many people have just stopped watching news on television and are using social media to find a more accurate way of accessing information.

Losing trust in the likes of the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Sky News is a tragedy for the British public.

I doubt they will ever regain that trust.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo by cottonbro from Pexels]


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