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Piecemeal WWIII: What Is A Pope To Do?

Piecemeal WWIII: What Is A Pope To Do?
September 13
14:50 2014

A friendly fellow in a coffee shop told me Pope Francis is saying the world is experiencing its third world war. He showed me the news article on his computer.

“That’s astonishing,” I said. “With all the poking and prodding NATO has been doing to Russia, you’d think he’d condemn what seems like a Neoconservative’s wet dream to spread the American empire at any cost and roll over the last few competitors.”

“I’m not too scared of WWIII,” the man said, and turned his laptop back to him. “As long as I can read about it on the NYTimes every morning with my coffee, I’ll be happy.”


Nobody seems as worried about the violence and social upheaval throughout the world than Pope Francis. The man is visibly shaken by the turmoil. While many folks eat dinner while watching bloody images from around the world, it seems the bleak newscasts do more than inform him, but rather they affect his heart. What is the world’s most famous religious leader to do today?

He couldn’t outright say no to war, as he fumbled around the question posed to him last month about how the Islamic State warriors should be stopped. Unjust aggressors must be stopped, he said. Yet, he said he did not mean bombs or missiles or ground troops. But rather by some other means.

And yet, the Pope, who is brave enough to park the Popemobile for good, will not climb out on a limb and let his white cassock blow in the colder winds of speculation about who, just who, is functioning at the upper levels of the world’s social and cultural pyramid raining down upon us confusion and destruction.

If the IS fighters are vicious and to blame, then even more so are the destructive world players with names like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, both of whose decades-long gunning to take out a swath of the Middle East and finally target Iran has led to the timely development of the ISIS / ISIL terror groups.

By implementing Shia leaders into Iraq after 2003’s horrific invasion, the mistreatment of Sunnis, everything from torture to discrimination in getting employment and safe housing, made way for very angry, very vicious people to fill the vacuum and fight back. There has been sown enough despair and misery to fuel anti-Western sentiments for generations. Young men will gladly give their lives to lash out at the Great Beast that spent trillions to destroy their cultures and families.

Why I call the development of IS timely is that the neocon and Zionist world players needed an urgent excuse, and most likely were fomenting the creation of the ‘most dangerous terrorist formation on earth’. Back to Iraq! they can say. And new air strikes on Syria! Finally, the American people will agree to this. All for two beheadings of two suspicious men, one of whom fought for the Israeli Defense Force.

Of course, as we’ve heard enough times already, but it bears repeating: the same rebels the US has been arming in Syria, you know the moderate ones who rip out hearts and livers of their dead enemies and eat them, are the same ones who sold Steven Sotloff to the IS fighters who beheaded him.

So if the Pope is worried about a piecemeal World War III blossoming, he might as well use his power and influence to call for a global investigation into Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership of an Israel that acts with the black heart of Satan rather than the wisdom of God’s chosen people. He should also declare George Bush’s entire administration guilty of torture, unlawful invasion of a sovereign nation, and conspiracy to take out seven sovereign nations (under false pretenses) in five years.

He should call out the offensive positioning of NATO as they antagonize Russia and work to alienate Putin and his important ally in Iran. He should really go into a rage at the UN and flip over a few tables, and then insist that Palestine be recognized as a member nation, and that Israel be tried for war crimes.

[photo of pope and president, from Pete Souza]

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