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Identifying with What You Eat: Some People Should be Food Shamed

Identifying with What You Eat: Some People Should be Food Shamed
May 15
15:04 2014

Isn’t there something wrong with a society of people who base their daily excitement and personal relief and comfort in food? From the city of Chicago, which insists it is symbolized by a wiener stretched out in a bun, to the people who love a restaurant called Hot Doug’s so much they get anthropomorphic hot dogs tattooed on their arms to score free franks, it seems we’ve got an obsession in the wrong areas of life.

Meanwhile, instead of celebrating family, or liberty, or calling out the coming loss of Internet freedom or workers’ rights, goofy but popular online publications amplify the most insipid stories as a way to reach the legions of Americans who seem to have popped out of Mike Judge’s futuristic film, Idiocracy.

In the News:

An artist named Lee Price wanted to combat what is known in our wayward society as ‘food-shaming’, so she decided to have women stuff their faces with food that really shouldn’t be eaten anyway, and then she took high-quality photos of them (view the photos).

The intriguing part, especially for men, was that the women were naked while they were eating. An exposed nipple here. A fuzzy mons pubis there. And a whole lot of McDonald’s grease and gristle, cupcakes, slimy blueberry pancakes, and crumpled bags of chips.

If you hadn’t noticed, people seem to abuse both food and sex. Or the thought of sex. Or pornography, which is the viewing of naked or copulating people for a person’s one-sided pleasure. It takes a genius to combine these primal urges. Cue Lee Price. Cue the Huffington Post as a sort of megaphone for what would remain otherwise unheard-of art projects. This is what passes for personal empowerment within an empty social structure.

Price’s art exhibit features the naked women oftentimes in bathtubs, chomping away at artificially sweetened, sugary, saturated fat laden foods that really should be shamed in our society. How many decades do people have to drop dead from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer before we shame people into stopping their routine breakfast at McDonald’s?

Yet, the Huffington Post, which is a publication that will never miss the chance to get a few clicks from disinterested men surfing the news sites, is celebrating the very toxic American diet that destroys our healthcare system, ages us prematurely, and fogs our physical and mental capabilities:

Price’s subjects don’t ask to be pitied or judged. Their enjoyment of junk food, rather, is equated with a joy of life, and a grand “screw you” to all who attempt to censor their needs and desires. Even if the nourishment they’re looking for isn’t to be found in a bag of Cheetos, that’s their problem, not yours….

The idea that eating Cheetos, unabated and not harassed, is edgy and a step above ‘food-shamers’ is like a turd floating in the toilet and refusing to be flushed in defiance of other turds around the world. In reality, we could agree they should all be flushed.

Plus, it is our problem when people stuff their faces ten times a week. Even once a week. The long term trend of unhealthy eating, which constitutes most of the American diet and what we find on grocery store shelves, is a drain on the healthcare system.

The women featured in Price’s photos are young and beautiful, but bad habits carry on into middle and older age. Is it fun to suffer the early onset of diabetes? Is it worth the cost to carve out a golf-ball sized tumor from your brain? Is blood cancer empowering?

When reporters asked Jennifer Aniston how she stayed looking so young year after year, she said, “I don’t eat shit.” And then one wily writer combined Ms Aniston’s advice with the health insights of the man who lived 265 years, Li Ching-Yuen. Sleep like a dog. Walk sprightly like a pigeon. Eat herbs and mushrooms growing pure in the mountains. Yuen would pitch over and die if he saw the chemical-orange crumbs of Cheetos sticking to a bare bosom.

Some people need to be food shamed. In fact, most of America needs to feel terrible about what they eat. There is hope, however, as more and more people are turning to living foods, like eating raw fruits and vegetables every day while incorporating more fiber and leafy greens into their diets.

If you have to chow down on an artificial meal from McDonald’s while in bed, you’ve got to work out some deeper issues in your life. Try a little self-reflection first. Try a bowl of fruit next.

PlopEgg Art Utilizes the Power of the Birth Canal

Humanity’s modern artists keep outdoing themselves with their attempts to empower women. Recently, there was the woman, Milo Moire, who stood completely nude atop metal scaffolding while she squirmed and dropped paint eggs onto a canvas below. The art that resulted, as you might imagine, was breathtaking.

While men enjoyed her naked body, most art experts determined after careful study of the plogegg art that the vagina had very little to do with the final expression of random, splattered paint. In fact, had a midget lifting her hand high above her head and dropped a paint egg, the world of performance art might have very well lauded the empowerment of midgets.

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